The African Caravan of false ads

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I finally had to make an account just to ask about this, because I'm curious. There is a gathering of false ads with black women traveling around the country in the small towns. No verified pictures in any of them. The names and pics change with time. One or two look like they could have real pics, though with the faces covered. It is very clear that they all come from the same source: Usually similar-sounding names, similar style in the pictures and other details.

They are obviously not six to eight girls traveling together. I suppose there may be two. So what is the purpose of this? Why not just have two ads? It must be a lot of work to take care of up to eight phone numbers. Unless there is a way to add several numbers in the same phone. Also, the ads will cost them.

I tried to think of a reason and I came up with this:

-Try to see which pictures work best. (But they should have learned that by now, it's been going on for a long time.)

-Want to make a customer come back to the same girl. (But he would be pretty annoyed if he goes to one girl, then calls another ad and it's the same girl. Plus, if they stay only two weeks, how many customers return within that time?)

-They imagine that customers choose a girl more or less randomly. So that if they have eight ads they are more likely to be picked than the few other ads in a small town.

-Crowd out another black girl who is in the same town. Even if a customer realizes that so many ads will mean that some are fake, he won't know which ad isn't part of the scheme. (But there isn't always another black girl in the same location.)

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    You must not visit any of them. If there would not be business for them they had to finish this. But untill there are muggins they will do their business.
  • Terrance123 · · · (#0)
    Shotgun advertising technique. Probably trafficking.
  • cecile · Sweet chocolate · · (#0)
    I'm agree with you many black (90%) work with wrong photos and they have for 1girl 3 diferent profil
  • cecile · Sweet chocolate · · (#0)
  • ovejo · Ut ur sin jacka blå, tager han det hon ska få · · (#0)
    I think black women are the most attractive and sexy and I've done so since my teenage years. I don't know if it's a traumatic experience in my childhood as Freud probably would claim, or simply a random chance in the genetic lottery of life.

    If my conscious mind could convince me to like blond girls instead - I would do that at the blink of an eye, that would have been so much easier. But I've tried, it doesn't work.

    Black women in Sweden are rare and as a native Swede both language, the in-group preferences among the african diaspora and cultural barriers makes it's even more difficult to make contact with.

    So, yes I've looked at all the strange clusters of ads with black women that travels around the site and our country. I've looked at them more times than I'm willing to confess.

    And they don't make any sense at all to me, not in any way, shape or form.

    I can understand the use of fake pictures. It can have truly disastrous consequences for the girl and her extended family if some kind of evidence of working as an escort would surface in their community. This holds true both for black women living in Sweden and anyone travelling from abroad.

    But why use so obviously fake pictures?? Why not tell they are fake and why they are used, many other escorts do that. It would increase the trustworthiness of the ad by many orders of magnitude.

    These days most black women ads disallow both comments and reviews, in the past when it were allowed more frequently and the very rare feedback that was given were very mixed - with some positive and perhaps mostly negative comments about the service provided, the pictures were always dismissed as false, but sometimes with claims of meeting a girl that actually looked better than the pictures in the ad.

    My own experiences when trying to organise any kind of activity with more than one African woman involved frequently brings the phrase "herding cats" to my mind.

    But surely it would be much more profitable if they actually made an attempt to run the african caravan with a minimum of professionalism and try to deliver at least a little value?

    If the commonly told explanation that it's Nigerian women is true, all the difficult tasks are already done, recruiting, visa, tickets, local transportation and accommodation. To spend 15 minutes extra on making a proper ad would likely have a huge dividend.

    Or perhaps that's only me dreaming of beautiful black women.

    As I've had really bad experiences in the past I avoid all ads for both black and white women if the photos are unverified and there are no comments or reviews from a known member.
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