Fake reviews?

Started by Lucy · 32 Svar ·

Hey girls! Wanted to ask you what do you know about Magnus and Skaningen? I got some bad reviews out of nowere and i didnt even met this guys! Did you had the same problem?

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  • I've seen other girls complaining about Magnus aswell, there is a forum thread about it.

    • Lucy · Best moments❤ · · Struttersquatter (#126528)
      Yes well sex tjejer should do something about it
      • We've already done what we do in this case after you reported them us, that is why one of them had been deleted and the other one is set up to controversial status, it means the review may be fake. As you already know for these cases we have a protockoll that the advertisers have to do so that we can help them to delete or change the satus of the debated reviews.
        You know in almost all case of getting bad or not perfect review we receive email from the advertisers that this is fake review. You know in these cases our task is not so easy as this is just an online platform where we have to judge about an event where we weren't there, between participants who just a nicknames and have digital datas here, moreoover the one way of contact is also just an impersonal channel. All in all this is not so easy so almost there is no certain way to decide that who says truth and who lies. We do our best which is limited by the above mentioned facts.

        Guys please finish to scourge this girl. If you cannot write relevant things to the topic please don't write anything. Thank you.
        • Lucy · Best moments❤ · · Sarah.admin (#127388)
          Thank you sarah!
        • Dear Sarah
          I am sure every serious advertiser like Amira Candyshop, Natalia, Emily, Sonia, Anais (great loss), Esmeralda, Clarisa, Kristen. Evelina, and more, stand for their arguments and don´t try to hide facts.
          Like Mercedes beautiful and objective conclusion: " No any chemistry at all - but sometimes it happen :) "

          The great reputation, respect and value sex-tjejer has achieved during the years, depends entirely on the credibility we as "consumers" consider exist.
          No other portal for Escorts (in Europe) are even close to the trustworthy assessment of advertisers you perform.
          In this case Lucy, Emma and Diana have the same country-origin, they all try to manipulate reviews and if this continue, with deletion of disadvantageous reviews, what is the point of the system?

          During my years in USA (moved back to Sweden this year) I noticed that corresponding sites have taken development further, and there is no chance untrue, inferior or corrupt Escorts can continue in the business. Please keep it that way

          Of less importance but a fact.
          Compare Amiras arguments with Lucys, and the answer is given.
          • Lucy · Best moments❤ · · Krister (#127399)
            Please dont talk about me if you dont know me
            Thank you
            • Stellan · Domina - lover · · Lucy (#127400)
              But I know you.
              I regret trying to meet and entering your apartment.
              Wonder why I turned and ran away?

              Your attitude is very cold and calculating, It is lightyear between you and Victoria, Esmeralda, Clarisa, Kristen. Evelina. And of course Amira.
              There are nice escorts, and others that dont deserve any respect, because they dont show others respect
  • Kungsholmen · · · (#0)
    Thank you Magnus.
    Lucy is in the same category as Diana. Of course the low-class escorts complain.
    Lucy is touring together with another syntetic girl from east Europa name Emma.
    Got a warning today about how they beg and try to get punters to write fake reviews.
    Emma made a review for herselves in the name of Staffan666, a profile created the same day Emma and Lucy arrived in Gothenburg. Now she write 2 reviews at the same day... how stupid can one be?
    So watch out for Lucy and Emma. They are told not to be fresch. Strange that Diana, Lucy and Emma all smell bad. Maybe it is some eastern Europe illness or just cheap soap.

    Luckily there are many clean, beautiful and nice escorts that deserves our money much better.
    Like Amira, Candyshop, Natalia, Emily, Sonia, Clarisa, Kristen. Evelina

    And thank you Skaningen.

    We need to get this cleaned up and promote the serious escorts. To many bad escorts now
    • Amira23 · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · · Kungsholmen (#127340)
      • No, it is my pleasure to have enjoyed your outstanding art of sensualism Amira.
        You are worth working hard during the weeks, just for the possibility to receive the optimum pleasure
        Diana, Lucy and Emma, they are sad persons without style, education and manner. And they come from the same country. Smell bad, act unpleasant
        Wonder why they lie so much and don´t stand for their origin. And Emma is "well educated" in Italy, tell me another fake story
        It is a little disturbing when fools like struttelsquatter argue without knowing the truth.
        Whos side is he on?
        • Lucy · Best moments❤ · · Kungsholmen (#127344)
          You are so sick man... its a pitty..
          • Why lie so much Lucy.
            Are you a cyberdoctor?
            This has to end, and we are many that know your real personality
            • Lucy · Best moments❤ · · Kungsholmen (#127346)
              You know nothing about my services and about my clients i will let you gossip in peace here. Dont have time for this cheap shit my clients are waiting. See you for a real meeting someday maybe you will regret your acusations thats if your account is real ans not fake of course! Kisses my hater
        • Amira23 · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · · Kungsholmen (#127344)
          ♡♡♡ lots of kisses sweety but being a gentleman be polite to the girls cause i bet we are all doing our best in our job♡♡
          • Lucy · Best moments❤ · · Amira23 (#127349)
            Good point amira! Some guys dont understand the reason why we are here doing this. He talks about personality like we are here to show feelings. We are here for money and ti get that of course all of us will try to show only the good parts and the nicest things so clients get to enjoy otherwise why even come here and do this? It has no sense. Of course there are girls more beatiful then others or more professional then others but in the end we all try to do our best its just a matter of taste.
            • I know you do Amira, and many others like Kungsholmen mention.
              You Amira, Evelina, Eva, Erika, Sabrina, Ruby, Candyshop, Natalia, Emily, Sonia, Clarisa, Kristen.
              All absolute top notch.

              It is about giving and getting. Creating friends like Maya explained to me.
              Like in the normal life, you sometimes receive friendship and find yourselves involved in something totally normal and healthy for humans. And the respectful friendship is just feeling good for all involved.

              Lucys arguments that she have no feelings is quite scaring.
              She only feel contempt for punters. And think of her selves as superior, taking money from people she look down on. Her self-perception is destructive
              It is like a machine for fucking. Dirty, bad-smelling and soon become a worn out mean-bitch.

              You and many other escorts are interesting, warm and caring persons.
              Some become friends for lifetime.

              I really appreciate a nice personality, Lucy has the opposite. Only show antipathy, disrespect and hatred. Visiting Lucy is from the beginning a disaster

              • Amira23 · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · · Berthold (#127351)
                ♡♡ i like this job because apart from money you also get to see and meet new places and people whom you keep a nice relation forever and yes being an open person i love people
                • I know this applys to you Amira, and many more. It is something that has to do with who you are as a person.
                  A mean and bad person, always gets in trouble, and also affect the surroundings.
                  That is why people feel good and harmonic after meeting you Amira.
                  Like a rejuvenation
                  And Lucys frustration and miserable life she give to the unlucky ones that meet her. She leaves a very bad smell. It is like a poison of unhappiness.
                • Don Juan · Womens best friend · · Amira23 (#127352)
                  I have to tell you Amira, that you are a really genuine and enjoyable person. And yes, I feel the nice friendship you so generously give. You have my admiration and respect

                  One don´t have to meet Lucy to know what a despicable person she is.
                  I am happy to never have had any encounter with this evil insular person named Lucy.
                  @Don Juan
              • Lucy · Best moments❤ · · Berthold (#127351)
                You did not understand my point? Or you like to be lied in your face? You all guys know what we do and why we do it. What i was trying to say is that in order to do that as better as possible we dont show our bad feelings or moods. For example if we have problems or we dont feel good or we are angry we dont show that to the clients because they dont come for that. We just smile and do our best to make you enjoy. And i said this because someone insists with the personality like its that easy to get to know someone s real personality and talk about it.
                • Amira23 · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · · Lucy (#127353)
                  Indeed we do a hard job but to make it easier as clients choose us we should try select them so as to avoid bad people
                  • Lucy · Best moments❤ · · Amira23 (#127354)
                    You know this i know this but they dont know it. They just talk and give they re opinions without no one asking just to create conflicts. Neither can stop them talk and talk (bla bla bla)
                  • Don Juan · Womens best friend · · Amira23 (#127354)
                    You get the clients you deserve. And with you Amira, even a terrible bad day get full of sunshine and happiness after a meeting.
                    It is like taking a swim in the sea of happiness.
                    Thank you Amira... for everything you have given me
                    @Don Juan
    • Amira23 · READY FOR HOT ACTION♡♡ · · (#0)
      To sum up thank you dears for your nice words i will do my job as long as I feel i like it and i can offer 110% because is demanding both physically and psychologically but i like to respect myself and you and always give my best . You guys are always free to choose the girls who best accomplish your desires. As for us girls we shall do our work enjoyable by being selective with the clients and avoid problems as much as we can. But at least here in sweden we have to admit big majority are well educated guys And if we want to be considered high class give and receive respect

      • Don Juan · Womens best friend · · Amira23 (#127361)
        True Amira.
        Thank God for the gift of Women.
        And for equipping many with a heart and soul. They create goodness, harmony and happiness.
        You Amira are one of a kind, giving life extra joy and memorable moments

        I curse the Devil for creating mean and evil women, making life a living hell. Taking money and spitting in face. Pretending being someone highly educated and worth admiration.
        But in reality only parasitize in the end. Stealing time, money and energy.
        @Don Juan
    • Sarah.admin · · · (#0)
      Thank you for the good opinion about our website. We always work on that you can enjoy a perfect website with more and more genuine datas. :)
      But in my previous comment have not written that we cannot keep the control under the reviews. We can. You know only some part of the all received reviews go out as we catch the fake ones. We have some smart features to do it succesfully. Lucy's reviews have been checked attentively more times, all online ones are genuine, except the controversial one.
      I have to mention that you ignored my wish that you should leave this topic with irrelevant discrediting comments. This topic is about a question of Lucy so if you do not have proper answer please do not write anything. She also have right to use the forum mainly about a topic which contains genuine details as one of the mentioned review is removed by us(as we found it as fake) and the other is flagged.
      If you really know her and had any experience together you can write review to her as others did. You should do it instead of comparing her with other escorts who she does not know. Moreover every people has different attitude and not sure what is good for you is also good for others and vice versa.
      Or if you have a topic which you want to publish and discuss about any not banned topic open a new thread but do not kill others content and the forum preveting her from receiving relevant comments.
      Thank you for attention!
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