Good afternoon ! About varning on me ( Diana LaFee )

Started by Diana · 50 Svar ·

Hello everyone and sorry for posting this thing here , but yesterday in the evening , a "gentleman" Magnus , wrote a thread about me on forum . Of course , because he banned me to reply in his contents , I'll write here what I want to say .

  1. He didn't gave details about meeting, where took place ; if he visited me , he would say it .
  2. Never happened that someone cancelated a meeting after he saw me . I have enought recently photos and verified sign .
  3. In the case that happened like he said , why didn't he go or he stayed actually ? Because his story is little bit unclear .
  4. In the case that this really happened , part 2 : isn't polite , and very disrespectfull to talk about a human , nevermind girl or boy , like this , comparing to animals . You has had a bad experience ? Write it with normal words , with explications and conclusions , no need to use bad words . The 7 years education from home and kindness = 0 .
  5. For the others , that judge Russia , first of all , I have 2 nationalities , second at all , maybe they didn't messed up with a russian in reality , to see why it's saying : russians are crazy .
  6. If he was really educated , could have a discution with me , even public one , but he refused my right at answer and defend .

Sorry for getting you bored or bothered , have a really nice afternoon&evening !

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  • Terrance123 · Son of Cthulhu · · (#0)
    I had a feeling it was something like that. Sorry you have to deal with such crap.
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    • Diana · ❣NEW · · Terrance123 (#126499)
      Hey , Terrance ! Aw , thank you for your suport ! Means a lot for me ! I'm really shocked 'cause this happened . I was like in almost 10 countried , and never happened this to me . I suspect 3 persons and I hope the admins will do their job . I already did another verification process , much more elaborated for proving my words . Kisses , and have a great evening !
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  • Xldick Retired · RETIRED. Become too serious and emotional. · · (#0)
    Just a point of view. I dont know but its rude to call a person a bad name. No matter what. If you not like the person you can take it directly with them. And you have a choice, if you come to meet you can turn around a go away. Its not needed to write bad. You can also just say it was not my type. She did not look like you imagine from pics.
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    @Xldick Retired
    • Morning , Xl ! Yes...problem was why he didn't wrote a review...because it should was more harder to sustain his point of view . But I proved my p.o.v to admins of the site and they did their job amazing . And I agree with your opinion
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  • XXXJacob · · · (#0)
    Yes, such comment are painful. Good that you have clarified your point.
    Waiting to meet you in Göteborg Soon.
    And I love Russian girls
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    • Diana · ❣NEW · · XXXJacob (#126508)
      Hello , Jacob ! I did this tread at suggestion of the admins , it's not really cute to write such things here . Yep , I clarified it , first of all , I verified my pictures again . So that was enough . Aw ❤ can't wait to come to Goteborg soon !
      Kisses and have an amazing day !
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  • Lucy · Hello!! New in your town · · (#0)
    Hey diana! Same thing happened to me! This guy magnus wrote a bad review about me and nothing that he says make sense..what is this?
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  • Ben Dower · · · (#0)
    Now you have to stop pretending innocent Diana Lafee.
    2. I canceled the meeting with you as soon as I met you.
    3. You have gained considerable weight, and I mean a real big increase

    There are many serious women, that are eager to be helpful.
    They are respectful, honest, nice, polite, friendly and don´t lie.

    Evelina, Sabrina, Emily, Larya, Alis, Cassandra, Mercedes , Denisse and many more. (oh my God so nice).
    But you are not in this league at all. Thank God for all nice Escorts

    If your weight is 54kg, you lies like a doped Russian ballist. And this has nothing to do with theoretical education.
    Every Swede know it is easy to multiply or divide with a factor 2. (as you have done)

    You are a fraud, and one of the great advantages with this serious site sex-tjejer is the possibility to uncower humbugs. And you Diana is revealed.

    Note I don´t discuss your dual personality, your smell, your attitude or your physical appearance.
    Only your huge obesity.

    Sorry for telling the truth, but nobody deserve to be robbed by you Diana.
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    @Ben Dower
  • eacan29 · · · (#0)
    Dear Diana! All these profiles that posting here are trolls, same person using different alias. They use same kind of grama and its to obvious that its the same guy. Probably a person who feel good to push down another person. Dont let trolls get to you and keep going strong
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    • Olivia · If you want a memorable moment just call :) · · eacan29 (#126992)
      And where did you come from dear eacan?
      Ladys knight, never meet Dianas customer, but happy to play smart grammar analyzer?
      I have heard of her since she entered, and it is sometimes funny how she try to manipulate, asking for more money, threaten with police, and just that kind of things that is shameful and give other escorts bad reputation.
      Did you meet Diana?
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      • Diana · ❣NEW · · Olivia (#127008)
        But you have so much informations dear Olivia . I would like to meet you dear , to see who's threathening with police . Actually you give me a good idea about contact police
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      • Diana · ❣NEW · · Olivia (#127008)
        And if you have such a great behaviour , will you have enough courage to contact me by phone , because at least we are collegues in same job
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        • Olivia · If you want a memorable moment just call :) · · Diana (#127018)
          No Diana, totaly wrong. We are not "collegues".
          You are a fraud.
          Știu cine ești și curând poliția te bate la ușă
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      • And who are you really Olivia? Zero info and only posting in this thread. Think also all the readers here already understands that you, Janolov, hammarby bengt and others are the same person, probably aka magnus
        Or am I wrong??? So sick of trolls and nethaters
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  • Berkis · GFE · · (#0)
    Tror mer på Ingvar52 än nytillkomna medlemmar - hoppas att få träffa Diana på måndag och är övertygad om att jag inte kommer att bli besviken :). Fortsättning följer...
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