Robber from Goteborg attack again in Stockholm!!

Started by Jessy · 25 Svar ·

Be careful girls he's moving!!! I'm with my friend in apartament in Stockholm. After we saw the post from one girl about him we saved this number.Then? This morning at almost 3a.m he called to my friend.We knew who it was but we checked how he's activity looks like. He is F**ckin profesional even we told that we have security man,and asked him about duo he seemed to be real client. He send a Photo but I think he isn't look like that cause it's arabic but with dark beard and mustache.Added photo under my post.We booked him at 3:15 to be curious. We went to our balcony because its huge buildilng. He lied us that he is going by a taxi. Reality was he arrived with one more guy by black bmw car. And they both went in to our building. He was wear really good. Like normal client.With jacked and adidas. After we checked these guys at doors because we got them wrong adress, we type them txt that we know who they are and they fast run away and txt to my friend "suck my dick"....girls BE CAREFUL they still moving!! And PROBABLY using more fake numbers but this 0738782446 is still active and he still use this number! Please let us know on the forum about EVERY SITUATION like this! Don't keep it in silence because it crazy helpful! Take care !

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  • Katte · Super sweet girl · · (#0)
    Thank you for sharing!!!
  • EVELINA♡♡♡ · Misstress · · (#0)
    He called me also, from same number . But I sayd to him I'm not gonna meet you sorry . I didnt like his voice and where he is from . After this phone calls he send me a msj on wp where he send this picture of him , and asking for adress but I didn't answer to him.
    Better is to avoid young guys and with strange nationality then is safer . That I do .
    if it is him, the one in the photo, I was with him, and when he left he took my jacket, he is a wretch, the next day he called me to tell me if he could come back. be careful girls
    • I see him from the doors in front of and close.He has got black short bread so Im shure that it someone different than from the photo.Come on..he couldnt be dumb to send his real photo;) ..he bought his card on seven eleven registered on truecaller as amo.amo.Thats mean his real name is Amo.
    I just read the forum, if it's him, but I do not know how I can find his fb. Thank you
  • Markku · · · (#0)
    Of course i t can be frightful to deal with these scumbags but WHY the hell didnt you hook them up for the Police to gran them on sight? To scared for your business I guess. Thats a scame this could have been the great chance to catch those Mother fu***ng arab guys once and for all!
    • Girls from outside the EU get put in immigration jail and then get kicked out of Sweden and the EU for 2 Years. So they cannot call police.
      • HOTJOANA · INSATIABLE JOANA · · Terrance123 (#126448)
        and those of us who are European, the problem is that they ask the address where you work and more things, in the end the police play against us, but I already told that to politicians at the time, they are also guilty of what happens, but Sweden is like that, double standards
      • You dont tell you are here for that kind of business, just visiting as tourist or visiting friends! NO need to get desperate! These guys have to be stopped or at least be really concerned when being recognized by Girls here who tell police about threats and robberys!
    • the person that should call police its the girl that write here before that was robbery by him - not the girl to who he just try to come. What she will say ? that she think he want robber her ? how she will proof that ? only because she read something and he come ?
      i hope girl who write that was robbery by him call police but i don't think so if he still use his number !
      • HOTJOANA · INSATIABLE JOANA · · MIMI (#126450)
        the police is high, but it is better to go behind the men who buy sex, rather than pursue thieves rapists and others, I do not stay quiet and as I say here I have told them, many girls are afraid of being deported , that's why they do not talk, that's not my case.
      • Well all you Girls who do this for living have to take action and make that call to police otherwise harassments and robbery wont stop! Plz get in contact anonymous with police and deliver a tip and NO need to give out name or adress. Perhaps check number plate on car and make something up like this almost ran you over on pedestrian walk and police search t h AT specific car and confront them and Perhaps t h ese guys are wanted for some other arends (most probably).Make calls! speak to Simon Häggström! They will help!
  • Mats82 · · · (#0)
    Someone should beat him up
  • Mia1210 · · · (#0)
    Swedish police work very professionally and help in every situation. If you fear of going to the police, lots of 'idiots' and John's will try to play with you. We are people and we have our rights if someone threatens our lives , feelings and Healthy .. !
  • Markku · · · (#0)
    That guy look like a moroccan, tunis or Algerian maybee from Lebanon......He did not arrive here in a life rubber boat...not with that gold chain. ...arabs!
    I received a call from a friend of the thief, he told me that I have 10min to remove the photo from his friend and delete the forum, maybe the girl that I publish also call her and I hope she does not erase anything.
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