Swish ???

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Lot of you is asking me about swish! Great proof for a police that you very using escort service and great problem for her to explain later how she got they money if she agree for it often even if she has normal job at the same time. So bright me me what the hell coz so much of you like this swish which is insane for me. Thanks!

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  • Terrance123 · · · (#0)
    Cash is king.
  • Terrance123 · · · (#0)
    I read a newspaper article a few years back about some thugs that tried to mug a man that did not have any cash. So they had him swish over a lot of money. Even the Swedish police were able to catch them quickly.

    A fool is born every second it seems.
  • MARIA_ANAL · · · (#0)
    It is common way of payment so some girls agree for this