fake outcall +46761875795 Vårvädersgatan 19

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fake outcall +46761875795. Vårvädersgatan 19

This is the number of the man who made me go to an address where I was not, spend money on going 25 min car and my time for nothing. Everything was fine until he arrived at the place and he did not answer his phone anymore, here is his picture of wassap his data and his photo

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    Your number is registered and the company address and other information appear, it seemed a serious person, until it reaches the address where it never appeared and did not answer any more
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      Joana and rest of you ladies, that area around Vårvädersgatan in Hisingen is the most violent place in Goteborg with a lot of criminals wearing weapon and drug conflicts. Watch out for visiting there. Your safety must always come first. I suggest you dont go there again. You take a big risk getting robbed or worse.
      @removed user
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    Yes he is on facebook too. Good he did not show up. He was probably not so good. Bad for me. I tried to get you that time,, but you was occupied with this douchebag.
    @Xldick Retired
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