MALMÖ +46738722171---Girls of malmö careful with this boy

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Girls of malmö careful with this boy +46738722171 forget to write before, is a problem boy and after being wants to have the money, he points with the hand and threat

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  • VerklighetS~KinG · ▪DoG•FarT▪ · · (#0)
    Moron boy... good on u joana pointing out the crook misbehaving like that ...preventing him from gettin' in touch with multiple escorts... N making your biz miserable ! ! ! ! !
  • Xldick Retired · RETIRED. Become too serious and emotional. · · (#0)
    In your trade. There is many crazy men. Help each other to avoid them
    @Xldick Retired
  • Nicolle · Sweet Love · · (#0)
    He want also în Goteborg outcall and incall . And at the end he ask You If You want apartament to rent în Goteborg .
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