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Some guys try to get me do things because they think I will be afraid. Listen if any of you contact me, trying to use anything you know against me I will not be nice at all.

I rent an apartment, and one of the people contacting lives in the building and happen to be a board member at the building I am, and just because I refused to meet for a quick. He is reminding me who he is.

I won't take threats.

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  • Torsten · Girls admirer · · (#0)
    Fucking idiot.... I take care of him... castrate the chariman :-)
  • removed user · kissing lover · · (#0)
    I dont see this as a threat. More like he want to tell you he is a "special person", chairman in bostadsrättsföreningen. What can he do ? You rent the apartment. He can not send you out and if he try you can always show police his message. But yes, its a stupid chairman.
    @removed user
    • It is a threat. Why he has to tell he is a chairman after the girl refuse his bargain price. He can fuck off, the girls did the right thing not accepting stupid threats like this and getting scared. If it was me I will tell him where he can stick his money.
    • removed user · kissing lover · · removed user (#119362)
      Jessie, maybe he was thinking that he could use his position as chairman to get a better price. But if you read his message he just telling who he is. For you maybe it sounds like a threat and be taken asa threat and maybe it is, but after all he just telling who he is in his message and thats not a threat. He is not writing he will do anything bad if he not get the prise he asking for, if he did thats a threat. But I have no problem to understand your reaction from your point of wiew. However, what he writing is bad. Both take advantage of telling his position or if he liked to make you scared. But there is no threating in the message in juridic way..
      @removed user
    • Terrance123 · Son of Cthulhu · · removed user (#119362)
      Girls might work legally, but there are lots of other things to worry about one of which is losing there place of work. I would probably take it as not so subtle threat if I were a working girl.
    • removed user · kissing lover · · removed user (#119362)
      I am not an escort Adriana but after have met some I listen carefully and can imagine and understand how difficult your situation is. This chairman was really stupid and I also think he tried to scare you but he didnt threaten you. Actually it was you who threat him with police. And I give you full support for that.
      @removed user