Turkish gue no money Malmo

Started by Vittoria · 4 Svar ·

076-946 84 85, +46 76-227 79 97 This gue slim and Yong coming to my apartment and don't have a money! Girls! Newer take him

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  • Nyfiken · I like big butts and I can not lie · · (#0)
    ( First number states Konjic, Bosnia, as hometown on his facebook page )
  • Jessie · · · (#0)
    Malmo is a dangerous city. I don't know how you girls manage to work there and stay safe.
    • removed user · kissing lover · · Jessie (#117728)
      Agree Jessie. You have to be extra careful in Malmö. I think thats why not so many escorts stay there because they want safety come first. In the other hand I think less ladies in a big town makes business better.
      @removed user
    • Nyfiken · I like big butts and I can not lie · · Jessie (#117728)
      I have from a credible source that all cities has their weirdos, and Gothenburg is no exception :)