Agency and fake girl

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Hello there , i am new member ,i never do this before but now i decide and write this . i do booking today with lady Lili(20) from Stockholm , first i looking that she have +372 and only viber or whatsapp but before i meet with girls with same code number and it's was independent escort. so don't think and send sms , we agreed time and service but when I ask about photo she tell me that she can't send because she afraid police , i look that she have hidden review and comment , so tell that if she don't want send photo we also can talk with camera in whats app because she live a long way from city center so i tell that want be sure i meet her or not .after she send me photos from another girl ( you can see that it's to much different girls ) and when i tell that i know that she have fake photo and work with manager she say "I tired from you". If you don't want meet with girl who can't answer without manager and send a fake photo -this girl not for you .

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    You really don't know what you get with girls disallowing reviews. My advice, meet girls allowing reviews!