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wonder why some girls do not text?

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    Can you develop your question
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  • I am curious as to why some girls do not accept SMS, is what I meant to say.
    • I think can be many reasons. I know some girls want to listen your voice because they only want to meet people from Sweden/Scandinavia and they can recognize the swedish accent. Phonecalls also get the escorts opportunities to find out if u are gentle and have a good manner in the way you are talking. But as I said, it can be many reasons.
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    • You have to put yourself in the ladies position. They not physical strong like mens and have to thinking of safety and protection in first hand. Out there is some assholes who hit or try to steal there money and other bad things. Ladies have tobe careful. Some of them you can only make appointment by Viber/ Whats up because they like to see first who they are going to invite.
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    But often it is more discreet to send a text mesage. E.g., at work, on train, with family or friends.
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    It's very time consuming with messages and it often gets wrong that way. For example, someone might ask if you have time and you answer yes. The person is calling and you say you have time but not immediately but maybe later in the week for what did he mean by the message? it's so different. You can not explain everything so good to speak properly instead.