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Indian guy Anton nr 0763285546 Han är svensk medborgare som gillar att ringa, boka tid, ta addressen och börja att säga han ska ringa polisen, Skatteverket för att jag gör svårt jobb. Den dålig man säger jag ska ha seriös problem med den. Nu han säga jag vill ta hans pengar för att det är vad vi gör (escorts) He says he s swedish citizen that like to call, book time and take address and begin to say he will Call police, skatteverket because it is ilegal work. This terrible man says it ll be serious problem. Now he says that i want to take his money because Thats what us escorts do.
Thats him in picture. I found his Facebook with his celphone number.

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  • Tosh · · · (#0)
    The guys is only trying to scare you.

    Please read up on swedish law. It is not illegal to sell sex or your time. It is only illegal for the clients to buy sex (since 1999). Police cannot and will not do anything to independent girls. The police focuses on helping trafficked girls that are here against their will and arrest their pimps.

    The tax agency cannot do anything and does not care since selling sex is not recognized as a job in sweden.
    • Nyfiken · I like big butts and I can not lie · · Tosh (#111134)
      Not necessarily true. Skatteverket is conserned about income of every kind, regardless of how.
    • Only if they live here for more then six months. Or if they are swedish citizens or running a legitimate business.
    • And if she is not a citizen and only a tourist? Why should the care? Is she running a business? Where is the proof?
    • You can start a company that provides some kind of service, for example massage or the like and receive F-skattesedel. Then you can get taxed for services provided and income. There are escorts living is sweden that pays taxes and has registered F-skatt sedel. I do not have any more information than that.
  • Emily · · · (#0)
    dear, just dont talk with him, hes not only one who trying to write all that bullshit. block and forget about him. i was having street too, but now i know if somehing happend with me - just have his all messages ofcorse, i go straight to police, and police be in my side! take care ;*
  • Boss · · · (#0)
    Skit i honom och i sin skatteverket .
  • Anna · Massage · · (#0)
    In swedish low says " You can't Bya a sex i Swe den, but you can sale sex" hej is a crime.