Any one of all escorts out there that provides and offer a client to make a throatfuck, I know it's a bit over the normal but am happy to find one that is willing to try Thank you

facefuck gag throatfuck

Started by mrNiceguy · 5 Svar · 3 subscribers ·
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Pocahontas · Hobby Escort
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Do you mean deepthroat with gagging?

tattoo3 · kissing lover
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If you want to put your dick down ladies throats why do you call yourself mrNiceguy ? I can not see whats nice for the ladies this thing to do. Try put a dildo in your own throat and see how nice it is. Hope all food you eat today coming up.

Nyfiken · Always kiss on the lips · tattoo3
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His preferences might not be to your taste, but he is asking nicely.

tattoo3 · kissing lover · tattoo3
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Okay Curious. nice asking. But I still want him try dildo on himself first so he got knowledge of his request.

Nyfiken · Always kiss on the lips · tattoo3
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A good sentiment I agree with. It is like a sexual "golden rule" that I try to live by myself :)