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Hi to all of you, about 3 weeks ago I was visited by police in Norrkoping for the first time in my life. All the experience was very shocking. They take photos of all of my documents passport, id, took my working phone ask the name of my profile, and also take a number of my private phone. They had thousands of questions and it was really humiliating. From my experience, it was set up and it didn't look like they go after the client, but just want to humiliate the escort and scare her to death, that she will never come back to work here. After a long investigation the police told me, be prepared if I see you here again, you will see my face all the time and often. Then they put to my room social service and again thousand of questions why I am doing this job and told me this is my wake up call to stop. No interest to really help, just put you out of this business. After this experience, I left Sweeden and really don't know if I come back. It looks like the police's only job is not to protect escort but scare them to never come back. Second I don't know if they have the right to ask me all my documents photocopy, take both of my phones and take my number, even the private one and etc. Just want to share this experience and will be happy if anyone can answer, when police visit you what is my right and what is not. So be careful if you visit Norrkoping..never wish anyone this experience

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  • BigHeart (@bigheart) · Female orgasm lover... · · (#0)
    Sounds like this is not ligit, police need to have a reason to do what they do, as long as you are not suspected to a crime, they have no legal right to do what they do to you, perhaps it is more easy to do like that cause you are not familiar with our country? Selling sexual services is all legal in Sweden that is not a crime, to buy it is a different story, and i presume you are not a buyer... I hope you move to another city after this treatment from the police! IÂŽm not a lawyer, but i hope someone in here read this also and can figure out of this is legal work from the police side, it donÂŽt sound like it would be ok in my mind to do like this!
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  • Oracle (@nemmie) · · · (#0)
    This is a terrible story and unfortunetly i have heard similar stories and even worse from other ladies. The police really need to do something about how they act toward girls who havent done anything wrong. And i think it is a good thing you tell this story also so someone in the police or maybe news actually do something about it. It is not a bad thing telling these stories after in a public forum like this.
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  • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · (#0)
    I think the police has enough criminality to deal with in Sweden, which they dont do successfully, so why acting as morale polic?. Its quite absurd
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    @Stroke survivor
  • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · (#0)
    They do like that all over the country
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    @Stroke survivor
  • kurt79 (@kurt79) · · · (#0)
    Cry more
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  • torskenknutsson (@torskenknutsson) · · · (#0)
    You should file a lawsuit to swedish prosecution authority. They don't have the right to do this as you have not committed any crime. It is legal to sell sex.
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  • Laura · · · (#0)
    Hi Dears,
    thank you very much for all your supports and advice, i really don't know if i will ever come back after what is happening to me. Yes, they controlled me after 1 client left. But honestly, the client who visits me looks more like a policeman as well. It really looked like a setup. On the same day, i met other girls who were working in the same city in train stations and left. Didn't ask them what was happening, was too shy. And when i look at the other girl's website who was with me in this city a few days after they left Sweeden as well. The thing is they collect all my info, I give a passport, wasn't enough, they ask id, I told my profile name, wasn't enough want my private phone, go inside my conversations on the phone...And I was so scared and honest, didn't know the law, that I give them everything and the next few days I was so horrible shocked, that I just couldn't work anymore..I am really sad I loved Sweeden and had a really great relationship with my customer. Most of them we become friends and share and support each other, like old friends from high school, your country is lovely...but after my experience, the police is more focused to scare escort just leave the country, than really go after the crime, like fake photos escort, or pimps from Romania, who has a lot of girls working under them and etc..i just want it to share to get info on what they are allowed to do and what they are not. I do understand is their work...but not the way how they did it..and also hoping there will be someone who understands the law to give other girls advice if this will happen to them as well..to be able to protect them..sending big hugs all of you..please take care and be safe...
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    • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · Laura (#157969)
      This is very horrible.

      I am sad to read what you have been through, but sadly it is the reality. There is a BIG difference between what media claims the police and social services do to help girls vs what they Actually do... which is total humiliation, abusing their position of power and never actually offering to do any real help: except for "buying" girls a plane ticket home-which is a fancy way of deporting them from Sweden.

      Selling sex is legal in Sweden. So if you have not comitted a crime, then you can refuse to give them your phone (s) or your phone number. Even if they take your devices, you can refuse to unlock and open them up. (Sometimes police try an ugly trick of holding the phone up to your face to try and "face unlock" the phone. So always have password.

      If they ask you for your devices and you give it to them, then you did it willingly in their eyes. But they can not order you to give them your devices, if you understand what I mean. Specially not if you havent comitted a crime. Actually they are not allowed to enter your apartment unless a crime has been comitted and they have a warrant. However if they ask you at the door "hey this is the police, can we come inside?"...
      -if you say yes ok, then you actually willingly allowed them to enter. But you can also say no or ask them for the reason why, if they suspect a crime has happened. Anyways perhaps you dont want to have a conversation with them in the hallway, so yes I get it.

      The only info that you must give is to identify yourself with passport and ID. Nothing else. Not give your phone number, work phone or private phone... that is optional. But again, if you dont know your rights and you give them this, then you have given it willingly- not forcefully.

      If they want to ask you any questions, you can say 1. Am I the subject of a crime comitted? 2 If yes, I will answer your questions if you provide me a lawyer.

      Note that. You always have the right for a lawyer to be present when answering police questions and the lawyer is free. They must pay for it to interrogate you. Also 2, they will most likely not give you a lawyer because you are not suspected of comitting a crime. So conclusion: they will give up their interrogation and leave you alone.

      The police nr.1 tactic is always to trick you into giving them free information, without being legally forced to do so. This is why they ask you questions quickly without giving you time to reflect on the situation and ask them about their questions. They literally ambush you and surprise you, so that you cannot prepare and are both shocked and scared.

      In this case you were not legally forced to give them your phone or to unlock it. However they asked politely and you complied willingly. So the door was opened freely to them to continue. Now they have saved all the info on your phones and will be going after each and every one of your clients with this proof. All of them. Name by name, through the chat and phone call history.

      This is bad for credibility and client privacy, from an escort provider perspective... thus you are not "safe" to meet.

      I know this sounds like I am bashing on you, but that is not my intention. I al aware that you did not know your rights, you were scared and they ambushed you out of nowhere with questions from a surprise visit. My point in writing all this is only to teach other girls who read this post, so that they can know their rights and do the right thing.

      I hope this was helpful. Please let me know if you have any further questions. And now that you know this, dont be too discouraged of coming back in the future if you actually had a good time in the country and met pleasant people. Police are dicks everywhere.

      *Of course they can even also go after me for saying all of these things, so here is my official disclaimer once again. I know nothing about anything, all I write is lies and bullshit and literotica and nothing is real. Any advice is not real professional advice and should not be followed. Always follow the law and rules etc etc etc blah blah blah.

      Happy smiley face :/
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      • Thank you so much for all this information, I'm sure many escorts will find it helpful, at least I really do. I had a similar experience like Laura several years ago and the police didn't even bother to knock on the door - after they sent me a fake client to find out how to get to my place, they waited for another client to come (not sure if he wasn't one of them, because he was really strange), they lockpicked the door and ran into the apartment like in some action movie, just at the time they knew I would be making out with him (15 min after he came). Then the similar procedure like Laura describes followed and I complied with everything as I was scared to death. I cannot express how frightened and violated I felt from how they ran in and how they treated me after.

        I left the country after one day in the social workers shelter to which the policemen tricked me to go and was still shivering 2 days after. After that experience, I lost all the trust in the Swedish police and the system in general and didn't ever come to work to Sweden ever again, because it didn't feel safe to me. The experience has traumatized me for years, literally all my trust in that I would get help if i needed from the only people who have a legal obligation to provide it shattered into pieces and no one in my life before or after has ever made me feel that helpless and humiliated like they did (funny considering how hard they were trying to convince me that I'm a poor victim who needs their help and my clients are some evil monsters). Yes, they were "nice" to me, but in a way that makes you feel like a piece of cr.p and like you are a less of a person if you work as an escort. Yes, it's been several years ago and the trauma still lives with me.

        I've worked in several countries across Europe and I've never had any such experience in any other country (including Norway and France where they also follow the "brilliant" Nordic Model. In all other countries the police is actually there to help people, including escorts, not to bully and traumatize them! I can't belive that the Police in Sweden does what it does and how on the Earth it's legal! And they've been doing this for years... Actually I do know how they get away with it - they do this to some of the most vulnerable people, foreign escorts who are alone in the country and don't have the information and many of them actually take police as a kind of authority (which it actually is for many people in many countries).

        So why am I writing this? I can see from your reply that you have a lot of knowledge about how the law and the police works. Do you think that the way the police proceeds with the escorts is in accordance with Swedish law as we don't do anything illegal? I consider what they do wrong on every level and I've read about multiple experiences like this, so I wonder if there's anything escorts could do to stop this from happenning, like contacting a sexwork organization with this information (if there's any Swedish sexwork organization that actually helps escorts) or find a lawyer to file a class-action lawsuit. Thanks ahead for a reply.
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        • torskenknutsson (@torskenknutsson) · · · Travelgirl (#157983)
          Believe me. The police has no right to take your belongings since you have not committed a crime. They also don't have the right to take your earned money as a prosecutor a few years ago made it clear that it was not right by the police to take the money of an escort. Escorts don't even have to testify in court. So if the police want you to testify agains a client in court, then you can simply say that you don't want to testify as an escort doesn't have to testify according to swedish law. So just put password on your telephone, delete history of conversations, and refuse to testify in court or to comply with authority in any way. The reason the police can do this is because escorts don't know their legal rights.
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        • BigHeart (@bigheart) · Female orgasm lover... · · Travelgirl (#157983)
          IÂŽm just thinking here about your story... And my first question that popÂŽs up is - Why havent we heard this side in the news, on television or in media before...? All they talk about is how sad it is for the poor girls that get misused in all ways... pimpÂŽs, organised crime, drugs and so on... This side you are talking about is not existing acording to Swedish media! We live in a country that is full of left winged stupidety, so badly that even russia congratulates us upon suceeding with something even they didenÂŽt managed to pull off...
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        • eanders (@eanders) · · · Travelgirl (#157983)
          You know youre right and ceap calm IF some thing like this happens The Police Words is more then yours soe it dont lead to anything to make an case against Police youre like an tourist hawe right to be in The country soe there is not soe much they can do to example you
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        • Fredrik (@fredrikf) · · · Travelgirl (#157983)
          There is a swedish worker's Union where escorts have united to let their voices be heard. It's called Fuckförbundet. However the swedish authorities and mainstream media don't like that union, because that union advocates legalizing buying sex in Sweden, saying that it would be better for escorts. And that doesn't fit in with the picture that the swedish media and authorities want to portray to the public so the media and authorities continue to talk about the escorts rather than letting the escorts themselves be heard and say how they want. Occasionally an escort is found by media who has an opinion that fits with the picture media and authorities want to paint. Thank you very much for your brave decision, Travelgirl, to share with us the humiliation you had to withstand by police and social services. You have my deepest sympathy. As I have said before in this Forum, 95 % of the girls I have met in this business are very nice human beings who deserve the deepest respect. All the best to everyone!.
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      • Fredrik (@fredrikf) · · · Matsimus (#157978)
        I feel that your advice is well intended and intended to help the girl and I like that, Matsimus. However you are wrong in some cases. I will provide the correct info in order to make it clear: First of all I want to agree with all here that it's horrible how the police treat the girls.In that situation, in the eyes of the swedish law, the girls are considered victims of crime and also WITNESS to crime. That is what the police use because as a witness to a crime you are obliged (it means you HAVE TO) provide all information to police and also be interrogated and even appear in court. You will be prosecuted if you don't cooperate with the police when you are witness to a crime. So, I wish it was so easy as Matsimus says, but unfortunately it's not. However, this time I like his tone and his intention.
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        • BigHeart (@bigheart) · Female orgasm lover... · · Fredrik (#157990)
          You need to remember one important thing in all of this.... ! If you are accused for something, it is not up to you to prove you are innocent! It is up to the police to prove that you are guilty to the crime they accuse you for! Police can not force the girlÂŽs to appear in court, there is lots of examples on that! I think in most cases they uses threat to make the customer to accept the fine, easy for all involved, god for police statistic and no big scandal for the customer, i think itÂŽs the girls that is the one that is the biggest loser in all of his... Kicked out from the appartment she rent, because police will tell the landlord of big chance he will get prosecuted if he donÂŽt kick her out! I hope that professional escort girls in here live up to the name "professional" and act accordingly to it, erase all info on phones and other stuff that could be used as a evidence against their customers, sadly i know this is not so...
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        • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · Fredrik (#157990)
          No escort is forced to testify.
          They are not a witness to a crime unless there is solid proof that a crime has been comitted. More often than not, there is no such proof from the police's side. They lack evidence of 1. The transfer of money from person A to B. 2 that sexual services has been performed. 3 that the intent of transfered money was sexual services.

          No eskort related case has ever been taken to court, unless I am mistaken? If so, please by all means prove me wrong. 99% of all guilty cases dealt with a FINE is due to clients confessing immediately. The 1% who deny, they never prosecute because there may not be any irrefutable hard evidence and building such a case is more time consuming.

          If you are subject to a court investigation, you are allowed to be given a lawyer free of charge. You dont have to answer to any case related questions without such lawyer present, however most people still do it willingly anyways.

          Victims of crime do not have to make a police report, the police can do it on their behalf. However the escort can just say that 1 no sex happened and 2 the money was already there before the "client" appeared and thus she didnt receive any money from him.

          If the police are forced to prove it with evidence, they often cant because they havent recorded money going from the hands of person A to B. Sometimes they put down a microphone inside the letter box of the door to record sex sounds to use as evidence, but if there is music playing and the bedroom is far away from the hallway and you are relatively quiet, then the recording doesnt contain any real evidence.

          This is why quickies, 15 mins, 30 mins is useless and dangerous because you cant connect with someone enough within such a short time to establish a solid alibi. An escort could lie to the policr without the police being able to prove the "lie", but for this to happen the escort must have a motivation to cover for you. This can only happen if you connected well and established a friendship. I doubt any girl would go through the trouble of defending a quickie guy which she barely knows.

          Sure yes if you "lie" in court, you can be sentenced to pay a Small fine. But then the attourney must first of all actually prove the lie. The case also has to go all the way to court, which like I said before doesnt happen to escort related errands. The nr1 police tactic is surprise ambush to scare everyone to confess, girls and clients.

          Again, you just need to identify yourself, deny everything and say that you are willing to answer further questions when they have given you a free of charge lawyer, so that the interrogation/ conversation isnt all one-sided. The lawyers role is also to be an observer and make sure that things are not "twisted" to fit in the police agenda.

          *An escort isnt an escort 24/7. She has free time when she goes to ICA and buy groceries, goes to the gym, etc. Then she is just a girl on her free time. She can meet a cute guy on her free time or through tinder. Mabye they meet up privately in her free time while she is not escorting. So, how can the police prove that the man in her apartment is a client and not someone that she is meeting in her free time? If you date a football player, you dont play football on date 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc right? The football player isnt "footballing" every time you meet, that person doesnt have to be associated with his/her work all the time. Just because you meet a girl who is an escort, doesnt mean that she is "escorting" and actively working when you two hang out, right? So this is why police must prove A and B and C etc. And what you and her says matters, because very often there is no other evidence than that. I hope this made sense.

          Your theory about testifying only applies in specific situations such as: there is a robbery at the supermarket and the camera shows that you saw the robber. Here, a crime can actually be confirmed happening because it has been recorded happening. Also you were recorded looking at the thief. So of course, in this situation you have to tell the police what you saw and who you saw.

          However when it comes to escort work, the police can never know with 100% what is happening behind closed doors, so they cannot say with 100% that a crime had happened or how. If they break in and find you having sex with an escort girl then sure they can suspect that you paid the girl for escort services. However they must prove this. You or the girl must confirm that there was 1. an exchange of money and 2. that the sex was related to that money transfer. The police cant prove this unless they actually recorded everything from inside the apartment, right?

          All they can prove is that you had sex, in such a situation.

          So yeah. What she says and you say matters a lot.
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          • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · Matsimus (#157993)
            This article pretty much shows how important the story of the girl is, because police dont have theif own real proof.


            The court case against P.roberto was closed because the police attourney wasnt able to reach out and get a hold of the girl, to question her further. So did the police have enough proof of their own to continue driving the case forwards? No.

            The case was closed and shut down.

            Of course, it is ridiculous how the police even came up to the girl in the first place and never even once bothered to ask if she was working independently or if she had help from an agency or pimp. Seems like a basic 101 question to ask. But the cops are incompetent .

            So when some feminist accused P. Roberto of abusing a trafficked girl, the police was not able to prove this. Because 1 they never asked her in the first place and 2 they were not able to reach her several months afterwards. And 3 the police did not have any proof of their own to show if she had a pimp or agency or if she was independent. The police can always suspect things... but they must be able to PROVE it.

            Anyways, when it comes to normal escort meetings, it is best to only deal with experienced girls who know their rights and how to handle the situation. This is why reviews and activity history is important.

            A newcomer who has recently started to work like an escort, has very little experience and must reinveng the wheel all by herself if she has no one to guide her. This is why you should avoid new girls and like I said before, avoid short meetings.

            *However as always: I know nothing about anything, all I write is lies and bullshit and literotica and nothing is real. Any advice is not real professional advice and should not be followed. Always follow the law and rules etc etc etc blah blah blah*

            Lmao :)
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          • Fredrik (@fredrikf) · · · Matsimus (#157993)
            Good points. Several girls have told me that police claim they are witness to suspected crime and have to comply and cooperate in investigation even though they themselves are not suspected of crime. Just yesterday one girl wrote to me and asked if swedish law changed and made it illegal for girls also because she had understood that police in Malmö had told her it was illegal what she was doing. She did say, howeverm that it could be her imperfect english that caused her to understand it like that. I told her of course that there's no change of the law.
            As several others have pointed out, the girls face trouble in this. It was horrifying to read the testimony of Laura of the humiliation she was subjected to by police. As, Matsimus writes usually the landlord throws them out and sometimes does not give advance rent money back.Non EU citizen escorts also face problems due to uncertainty of their right to be in the country.

            However, I have to correct you on one point Matsimus, there are several cases of Sexköp that have reached the court. Usually the suspect is convicted and almost always the penalty is 50 Dagsböter. This info I have from daily newspapers of which I read several every day.
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            • Fredrik (@fredrikf) · · · Fredrik (#157996)
              Of course the newspaper articles I have read never state exctly what kind of evidence was presented only that a man, so-and so age was today prosecuted , he denied but was convicted in TingsrÀtten of Sexköp and sentenced to 50 Dagsböter
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              • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · Fredrik (#157997)
                Valid point, however I still disagree in general. That would only be the case if:

                1.The girl did not support his story of events.
                2. The girl admitted to having sex and receiving money for it, while he denied it
                3. If he denied having sex but they found a condom with his DNA, thus lowering his credibility
                4. If the bank statement shows that he withdrew X amount of money but then he cant properly say or show where that money is.
                5. If the police recorded sex sounds and his explanation and the girls explanation for this did not match up. (They could both have said that they were watching an erotic video together or something but mabye did not have time to discuss such a plan)
                6. Text log evidence in his or her phone which shows the planning before their meeting, with requested price and services etc and post-sex texts like "the sex tonight was great etc cant wait until next time".

                However most of these can be prevented, if planned properly. Important thing is that you and the girl says exactly the same thing though and both delete chat history or move texting to telegram for further future contact. This is why short meetings are useless, because there is no time to discuss all of this.

                **If you know the identity of these "clients" that you mention in court, you can actually read all the court documentation and final sentence through the website lexbase, if you pay like 99 SEK. We all know that newspapers print what they want people to read and leave out certain information... Its also an agenda of sorts: by only publishing articles of people convicted and not publishing articles of the amount of people found innocent, they drive the public opinion and actively try to discourage anyone to go to court. A sort of bias.**

                It is not all black and white anyways. There are many different factors that can lead to conviction. Each case is diffefent. If you read court documents on lexbase, you can basically pinpoint exactly *where* he fucked up and how it could have been prevented.
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              • torskenknutsson (@torskenknutsson) · · · Fredrik (#157997)
                Enligt 36 kap. 6 § rÀttegÄngbalken fÄr ett vittne vÀgra att yttra sig om en omstÀndighet, vars yppande skulle röja att vittnet eller nÄgon nÀrstÄende har förövat brottslig eller vanÀrande handling.
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              • torskenknutsson (@torskenknutsson) · · · Fredrik (#157997)
                Prostitution is considered a "vanÀrande handling". So no, the escort doesnt have to testify a shit.
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        • torskenknutsson (@torskenknutsson) · · · Fredrik (#157990)
          No you dumbass. No escort has to testify even if she is "victim" of a crime. There is a special law for that.
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          • Fredrik (@fredrikf) · · · torskenknutsson (#158000)
            No need to call someone dumbass, that's just immature. If you read my post you will see that I never said someone had to give their testimony and be interrogated because of being victim of suspected crime, but rather because of being witness to suspected crime. But you may have a point according to 36 kap 6 paragraf RÀttegÄngsbalken.
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  • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · (#0)
    This is why it is good to always delete conversation history or use apps like telegram with regular customers (which you know are safe and normal gentlemen) where you can delete all history of communication.

    Always use password on your phones, not face ID unlock.

    You can also link your working phone to remote login from your computer, so that you can reset your device from a distance. Just like "find my iphone" feature, for example.

    Even if your phone is confiscated, you dont need to unlock it for anyone. You have the right to refuse and demand a lawyer free of charge, if they intend to interrogate you.

    Any offers of contact with social services will only lead to humiliation. They will ask intimate and personal questions and at the end of the meeting, they have nothing real alternative to offer.

    Reality is disheartening, sadly.
    For example, If the Airbnb landlord wants economical compensation to replace the entire bed because of the "activities in their home", will social services help you with this? Lol no... police might even help the landlord so that you will have to pay.

    Any illusion of "help" is bullshit. In fact many girls get more real help from trusted clients.
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  • Martinooogbg (@martingbg) · · · (#0)
    Which country is your passport from?
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  • honey · · · (#0)
    Police in Norrkoping check all girls and will not give any possibilities work there ...
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  • honey · · · (#0)
    Why you not ask social service about social help in Sweden and personal number ? )))
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    • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · honey (#158152)
      Do you feel like they can actually help you? If so, please explain and tell us about your experiences with social service, dear.
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      • I not have any experience with police and social service ) it was joke ... I think they not help me anyway ... maybe just Simon can help )
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        • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · honey (#158160)
          LoL, surely that Simon part was also ironic humor right? Haha :)

          He is an adult who still wears a baseball cap indoors, like a child. If only he could embrace his baldness, then at least I would actually consider buying one of his books... and use the useless pages as toiletpaper...
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  • Annika Amour · Sötnos · · (#0)
    Some years ago I looked up some legal passages that are relevant for escorting in Sweden, in regard to protecting our clients.
    I printed them out on a paper that I keep my escort bag. This far, I have never had to use it, but it is a good precaution.

    Maybe you foreign girls also can print out some of the law passages I cite in this post? Then keep that paper close at hand, and in case of a razzia, you can read these law passages to the police to protect both your rights and your clients.

    The first useful passage is:

    RÀttegÄngsbalken 36 kap 6§
    Ett vittne fÄr vÀgra att yttra sig om en omstÀndighet, vars yppande skulle röja att vittnet eller nÄgon vittnet nÀrstÄende, som avses i 3 §, har förövat brottslig eller vanÀrande handling.
    ( https://lagen.nu/1942:740#K36P6S1 )

    Translated to English this reads:
    “The witness may refuse to speak of a circumstance, if its mentioning would disclose that the witness or related of the witness has committed a criminal or dishonourable act.”

    Since doing sexwork in Sweden unfortunately is considered very “dishonourable” (vanĂ€rande), this is the way out how having to testify as an escort. :-)

    Because otherwise, you do have legal obligation to testify in Sweden. It is called “witness-duty” (vittnesplikt). This obligation to testify applies both for court hearings and for preliminary investigation done by police.
    You find the laws regulating this in RÀttegÄngsbalken 23 kap 6§ and onward.
    ( https://lagen.nu/1942:740#K23P6S1 )

    According to RÀttegÄngsbalken 36 kap 21§ normal witnesses can actually be penalized by fines, or even incarcerated up to 3 months, if they refuse to testify in court without valid reasons.
    ( https://lagen.nu/1942:740#K36P21S1 )

    But the extent of this “duty to testify” (vittnesplikt) differs between interrogation in police investigation and actual court hearing:
    - When testifying in a police investigation, the witness only has to be there. But the witness is allowed refuse to actually answer. You can keep silent or say “no comment”.
    - But in court, a witness commits a crime if you withhold information and refuse to answer questions (unless you have valid reason for not testifying).

    And of course, if a witness lies in court, you commit perjury (mened) which is a serious crime you can go to prison for, according to Brottsbalken 15 kap 1§ and onward. ( https://lagen.nu/1962:700#K15P1S1 )

    So the police might threaten to force the escort testify in court, if she doesn’t cooperate with answering on questions in normal investigative interrogation.
    I figure plenty of escorts probably get so scared about being forcibly “outed” in court, plus risk persecution for perjury if they keep on lying to protect their clients, and this is why they agree to expose their clients in normal police interrogation.

    But as said, due to RĂ€ttegĂ„ngsbalken 36 kap 6§ the police cannot force you to testify in court about participating in sexwork, because sexwork is considered committing a “dishonourable act”. Which is a valid exemption from testifying.

    It might however be useful to remind the police about this law-passage (RÀttegÄngsbalken 36 kap 6§).
    It is possible that the police seldom encounter anyone using this passage about “disclosure of dishonouring act” in their normal work with real criminals. Or that the police pretend not to know, just to be able to bully you and get you talking.

    As a defence against police wanting to seize our phones (and thereby get access to client information), there is this passage:

    RÀttegÄngsbalken 38 kap 2§ 2st
    Ej vare part eller honom nÀrstÄende, som nu sagts, skyldig att förete skriftligt meddelande mellan parten och nÄgon honom nÀrstÄende eller mellan sÄdana nÀrstÄende inbördes. Befattningshavare eller annan, som avses i 36 kap. 5 §, mÄ ej förete skriftlig handling, om dess innehÄll kan antagas vara sÄdant, att han ej mÄ höras som vittne dÀrom; innehaves handlingen av part, till förmÄn för vilken tystnadsplikten gÀller, vare han ej skyldig att förete handlingen. Stadgandet i 36 kap. 6 § om vittnes rÀtt att vÀgra att yttra sig Àge motsvarande tillÀmpning i frÄga om innehavare av skriftlig handling, om dess innehÄll Àr sÄdant, som avses i nÀmnda lagrum. ( https://lagen.nu/1942:740#K38P2S1 )

    I figure this post will be way too long if I translate the whole passage, so I just translate the last, most relevant, sentence here:
    “The statement in 36 kap 6§ about witness’ right to refuse to speak possesses equal application when it regards possession of written acts, if its content is such, as regarded in aforementioned law section.”

    So, the last sentence in this clause refers back to RB 36 kap 6§. I.e. the very passage about witnesses being protected from “disclosure of dishonourable act”, which I wrote about above.

    Meaning that sexworkers have the right to refuse to hand over phones containing written acts, such as emails and text communications - since this information would disclose embarrassing details about our “dishonourable” acts with sexwork. :-D

    For some years there was some confusion in Sweden about whether electronic communications such as phone messages and emails were equal to written act (skriftlig handling) in Swedish law.
    But as late as 2018 there was a clarifying definition of the word “handling” made in the Constitutional law about Freedom of speech:

    Tryckfrihetsförordningen 2 kap 3§
    Med handling avses en framstÀllning i skrift eller bild samt en upptagning som endast med tekniska hjÀlpmedel kan lÀsas eller avlyssnas eller uppfattas pÄ annat sÀtt. Lag (2018:1801). (https://lagen.nu/1949:105#K2P3S1 )

    This translates to:
    “As act is regarded a presentation in text or images and a recording which merely by technical means can be read or listened to or to be perceived by other means.”

    So, nowadays it is hence clear that emails and phone messages are to be interpreted as acts (handlingar) in legal texts! Then obviously also as written acts (skriftliga handlingar) since they contain text.

    It might however be that some police are ignorant about this clarification in year 2018, about that also phone messages and email are to be considered as written acts. As said, there was ambiguity about that in legislation for some years, and police working in the field might not be that updated on stuff.
    So again, it might be good to have all these law passages printed out, and keep them near your phones, just in case.

    The strategy to use with this, is to right away admit at being a sexworker. Because then you can make use of these law passages about “disclosure of dishonourable act” in RĂ€ttegĂ„ngsbalken 36:6 and 38:2:2 as protection.
    The police cannot anymore threaten you with “obligation to testify “ (vittnesplikt) in court, in case you refuse to speak with them in normal interrogation.

    This gives you good ground to go totally “no comment”, when they ask you about the client. Which is the best strategy for protecting the client.

    Because if you try to make up a cover story about the client just being a friend, or a guy you just met on a non-commercial date, this is not going to hold up. The police are trained in psychology and interrogation techniques. They are going to ask the most detailed questions which you did not expect.
    Sooner or later they are going to pick your story apart. Then they will bully and humiliate you with your own lies, in hope of you getting shamed, scared and psychologically broken. Aiming at getting you compliant with telling them everything they want.

    The police are also going to question you and the client separately. So even if you have agreed on a background-story with your client, the police are going to find inconsistencies when they really goes into small details about when, where, how, what.
    You and your client will be too stressed out in the situation to be any good at improvising, and you and your client will not be able to improvise the same small details.

    Just keep repeating “no comment” both of you. Like those immigrant youth-gangsters do in the suburbs. There is enough police statistics about unsolved crime to prove that this “no comment” strategy works very well for real criminals. After all, the police have the burden of presenting proof of criminal activity. Your client doesn’t have to prove his innocence.

    But I also want to add, that the best thing just is to avoid incall. Go for outcall instead, or try to encourage a larger proportion of your clientele to accept outcall. Outcalls are so much safer.
    Outcalls make a totally random pattern. Whereas incalls are very predictable, with a repeated pattern of behaviour which is easy to recognize. It takes more man-power and time for the police to identify, locate and tail an outcall working escort. It is much easier for the police to do a traditional stake-out at an incall apartment. The police will also just get a single client at an outcall location, whereas they can pick off several clients at an incall location.
    So you are very unlikely to get targeted at all if you stick to outcalls. It is not very economic for the police to bother with outcall escorts.

    Hotel personnel are also extremely unlikely to notice that something else than a regular non-commercial date is going on, if you use some common sense with how you behave. Neighbors to an incall will however very likely start to notice that there is a lot more than one boyfriend coming visiting . . .

    Anyway, I hope some of you found the info above useful.

    Please respect, that I don’t want to reply to personal messages on this site. I am not planning to start writing in this forum. This is just a single post - my first and probably my last.

    Take care and stay safe!

    all the best
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    @Annika Amour
    • torskenknutsson (@torskenknutsson) · · · Annika Amour (#158216)
      Very good post. The fact is that 36 kap 6 can free any client in court but it is sad that clients and escorts don't take advantage of this law.The problem is that the clients admit the crime when getting caught and pay their fines. If the escort and the client just agree to simply shut up in front of police and court and where the escorts know their rights of not being obliged to testify and being shown up in court at all, then the prosecutor will never find enough evidence that there has been a transaction or even any sexual act. And what you have to do before leaving the apartment is to simply delete all conversation that you had on the phone. Your post should be pinned for all escorts to see. This will clearly solve the police issue.
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    • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · Annika Amour (#158216)
      Jag tvivlar starkt pÄ att en torsk kan rÀknas som "nÀrstÄende", vilket vanligen brukar menas familjemedlem eller motsvarande.

      Å andra sidan borde ingen sexhandel nĂ„ en rĂ€ttegĂ„ng nĂ„gonsin, dĂ„ grövre brott avslutas med "spaningsuppslag saknas" trotts att mer Ă€n lovlig mĂ€ngd teknisk stödbevisning finns att tillgĂ„.
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      • torskenknutsson (@torskenknutsson) · · · Nyfiken (#158220)
        Huvudsaken Àr att den prostituerade har rÀtt att inte vittna eftersom det kan avslöja hennes vanÀrande handling. Utan att den prostituerade vittnar sÄ har Äklagaren ingenting att gÄ pÄ.
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    • patrik (@patrik) · · · Annika Amour (#158216)
      Very informative and the best post I have read in Forum. Just shut your mouths and No comment.
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    • Viktor84 (@viktor84) · · · Annika Amour (#158216)
      This is the best and most thought out post about safety for both escorts and clients. I'll use it to educate girls I meet to discuss the proper "getaway strategy". This is also why I prefer 2 hour or longer meetings - only they give enough time in the end to educate a girl about Swedish law instead of meaningless pillow talk :)

      Also, taking this chance to remind clients once again - don't go to cheap 2000 (or less) kr/tim girls, or brand new girls who have no idea how to work in Sweden. They are the most likely targets for the police because they create more traffic, don't care about clients and are often more than 1 in the apartment.
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    • Oracle (@nemmie) · · · Annika Amour (#158216)
      Very good post. Unfortune you will not be posting more, your words of wisdom can be very good here.
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  • What you do is simple...pick up your phone and record them and what they ask then you put it on youtube or give it to an lawyer and get easy cash with an lawsuit.
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    @Just another normal guy
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