Broken condom

Pontan · 2 Svar ·

Had sex with one of the girls last week. I don't want to stay who. The condom broke and I came in her. First I get worried about the girl, but she said that she had child protection and she didn't seem afraid of diseases. The last days I started to think, should I go and test myself? What should you do in this situation? And of any girl reads it, what should be respectful for me to do for the girl? Love to you all Pontan

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  • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · (#0)
    I would go test myself for the deseases detected in blood which are the worst one. Youd probably get symptoms if you got anything else. Nice of you to care about whats respectful to the girl. Hat off caring about that.
    @Stroke survivor
  • Blaz (@blaz) · · · (#0)
    Test yourself for sure.
    Also ask the lady if she tests her self reguarly. If you are clean and she is too then it should be fine but be on the safe side and test urself.
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