Can someone ban this Jimmy guy?

Started by DixieNormous · 7 Svar ·

I'm tired of seeing this clown commenting his dick on every girl's profile and writing stupid shit that never gets a reply. Surely there must be a limit to how much crap you can spam on this website? Can admin at least give us the option to block comments from people like this?

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  • Tosh · · · (#0)
    Can only agree.
  • aswedishpunter · aswedishpunter · · (#0)
    Well, to set things straight, he's not commenting on his dick. He's trying to be polite by saying 'privet', which means 'hi' in Russian. However, you could of course question the meaningfulness of making this comment to more or less all the girls, many of whom probably don't even speak Russian. Also, I wonder if the ladies are interested in seeing a picture of a penis. I have chosen not to have an avatar at all, but if I did, I probably would go for something more neutral.
  • The point is that he's found a way to post a picture of his dick on pretty much every girl's profile. Here is a sample of what he's commented just in the past hour.
    "Nice tits" on Carla in Eskorter
    "Jag vill knulla dig." on Selene in Eskorter
    "when can you meet and where?" on duo A &L in Eskorter
    These girls are all in different cities too, so he's clearly not actually trying to do business with them. He's either trolling, or he's completely delusional and thinks this is some kind of dating website. Either way he's making this website a worse place to visit.
  • Mats82 · · · (#0)
    Vad har ni för problem med snubben eg? Han är väl lite speciell men han är ju inte otrevlig mot någon
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