God's To-Do List

Started by Bibliophil · 3 Svar ·
  1. Make man
  2. Give them free will
  3. Slaughter 99,9 % of them for using it
  4. Randomly favour one group
  5. Never speak or write a single word
  6. Legalize slavery and ban shrimp
  7. Kill myself for a weekend
  8. Hide
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  • Nyfiken · I like big butts and I can not lie · · (#0)
    Almost :)

    2. Put free will in a tree and let noone eat from it.

    Someone else made us have free will. Possibly the same dude who stopped Abrahams hand just before he slew his son. (etc...)
  • Bibliophil · Gammal hederlig torsk · · (#0)

    Handen ligger mellan Trosa och Fittja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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