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Uncooperative, unwilling, keep staring at the clock, difficult to book, unattractive, reeking of cigarette smoke and all around bad person are words that one won't have to even have to consider using to describe Amira.
Booking was a breeze, very straight forward on when she could meet and doesn't seem to mind traveling a distance to meet you.

The meeting itself was very enjoyable, only downside was that due to reasons on my side I was not able to fully relax early on, which Amira definitely noticed and kept trying to help me do all session.

Even though I wasn't all that relaxed as one would've liked to be, the meeting was wonderful, got the best blowjob I ever had, and the sex it self was amazing. Everything I wanted to do and or try to do ( that time allowed us to anyway ) she also wanted to do.

Pricing at first felt expensive in my head before meeting her, but now afterwards it feels it was worth every krona, everything we did was really included, and that include things some other ( not all though ) escorts claim to be included but then when meeting really is not and wants extra for it.

Being as wonderful as she is, I find it amazing that she hasn't had anyone put a ring on her, I know I would if I wasn't already spoken for, and that is not just from the sex, which should tell you other guys what kind of person she is and how you should treat her when meeting with her. So if you are considering having a meeting with her, I strongly recommend having one. I know I'm gonna if she is still around when I'm able to meet again.

Pictures are of her, even though you can't see her face, you can tell from looking at the whole body and certain shapes when comparing them.


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A sweet delicate gentleman who knows to pamper a woman. Thanks for the tea for the atmosphere it all was soo romantic difficult to still find men like you .

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You are most welcome

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Thanks for the tea

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There should be more romantic men nowadays. Thanks for a great meeting

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