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It is a look-alike petite girl (145cm?). She is cute and chatty.

Unfortunately, she does not respect customer's time- half an hour spoiled on wrong addressing two-three times and stopping the meetimg 10 minutes earlier.

A BIG NO is the apartment. The place is unfortunately disgusting. She acknowledged it.

Nevertheless, I think you should give her a try particularly if she finds a new clean place.


Datum 2017-06-19
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Stad Malmö
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BATMAN was my first client in Sweden. He asked me by phone for a quick, I told him ok 1000kr. As he know, you don't give the exactly adress until the meeting is not was a bit confusion for me because is first time in Sweden and I don't know the place so I said a wrong number in the street but my girlfriend pick up him down in the street. When he arrived he pay me for a quick and he said maybe he will extend the time to one hour.....when he was already 25 min with me inside of the apartment (without counting all the time we lost for he find the apartment) he say let me five or ten minutes more.....25 + 5/10 = 30/35 minutes. I told him you should pay me half an hour if you are with me more time and he said I said he has to leave, then he said he will write a bad rewiew if I don't give home the time for free.....that was my experience with this guy!

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Hi Megan. I hope this finds you well. As mentioned you are cute and worth a visit but I am afraid the good parts end right here.

I am glad you yourself have acknowledged spoiling customer's time- PARTIALLY. After changing the address two three times you -
Spoilling 20min- you had for another good 10--15min insisted that i am on wrong spot because you can't see me. This was so annoying so anybody would leave already at this point.

Finally, I enter your building which entrence is a disaster zoon- full of crap and newspapers on the floor. Even dog shit on the stairs. I am afraid even inside the appartment didnt look much better. You said there is a lot of cleaning up left to do. Remembered?

I put aside this bad start behind and tried to focus on you only. You shared some stories and told me about americans have difficulty to separate sweds and people of switzerland. We hade some good mood going on while I helped you to fix your bed. Remembered?

Considering the time when your friend showed up to help out to YOUR REAL ADDRESS(not the address you were giving on the phone) until you stopped the time it took 20minutes encompassing short visit at toilett.

When I was leaving I told you I am goimg to make review. This is what I always do- nothing new. Making reviews is impoftant for eveybody here; for you to understand what to improve for better experience. And for customers to know more in this jungle of fake pictures, greedy agents and false information.

You are definitly worth a visit. But you need to upgrade customer service big time.

All the best