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So i had some time over and decided to go and do something i never done before. I was pretty stressed when i came to her place becaus i managed to go to the wrong house first.

I wanted to make an good first impresseion but that failed misserably :)

When she opend the door she was kind and warmhearted and made me relax in about 2-3 second.

We talked and i made i a joke about how i could talk to her for the rest of the evening, in my opinion we really connected on a spiritual level.

About 1h 30minutes later we where still laughing and talking. To be honest it feelt like 5-10 minutes and it was one of the best times i had for a long long long time.

Evelina is one of those very few people you meet in life and you feel that: WOW we could have the best time togheter whatever we do, wherever we go.

I hope your experience was the same.

Looking forward to meet you again and again and again.


Datum 2017-06-14
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I have send u some kisses dear devil

Traveller · Enough about you, lets talk about me.
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Cant see what you write there miss devil