Welcome!!! I am a beautiful sensuous and sultry Mistress who enjoys nothing more than using my wonderful female charms to domin

Stockholm, Sverige
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I enjoy a multitude of activities and have many favourite scenarios fantasy land is where I am and role-play brings out the best in me, or should I say the worst ?????. Whatever the situation I always aim to please. "Talking about aim mines perfect". All naughty boys will always be dealt with in the correct manner. You have been WARNED, you know who you are……..

I have a very well equipped and realistic dungeon, so good that any submissive would just drop to their knees and gasp with sheer delight. I have dildos and so many many more fun toys to experiment with!

I'm a huge lover of TIE and Tease, to see my slave in pain for my pure pleasure is a turn on for me. I use my body as my biggest weapon with lots of my wicked imagination. I will make you completely ecstatic and wild from my ice sensuality, then to feel my hot teasing tongue to warm you is more than a slave can handle!!!!!

I am quiet a affectionate Mistress and I'm always excited to meet a new transvestite my TV room is gorgeous with everything a girl could wish for. I love transforming men into beautiful elegant ladies, and my skills with cosmetics are legendary. I like a pretty girl so with my expertise and make up abilities that's exactly what you will be. Of course let's not forget to mention the amazing lesbian scene to follow. I will show you what I like to do to pretty girls." So would you like to join my trannie harem and be my next girlfriend experience"????

I could go on forever but it's for you to decide, come and see me and become one of my personal possessions…

Expect the unexpected with Mistress Linda
0729 130 580

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