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Behind the doors - money can kill

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Five years ago I went to Thailand for the first time. One evening when I walked around I step into a ladybar and order a beer in the bardisk. Beside me was sitting a middleage scottish guy and we start chatting and he told me he been in Thailand for several...

Safety for girls

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Was visiting an escort and she met me up outside the main entry. If u have the opportunity to meet the client this way and discret its more safe for you. Safety and protection have to come first. In you can do this way you get a chance to refuse the client...

Varning escort

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Se upp för Sara 0729 203554 på escort69. Hon stjäl era pengar och sticker.

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Talanted lover. Sex have to be in free will and good in a two way action with lot of pleasure for both parties. The rest is nothing for me. I hate trafficking, if someone see something strange please tell me so I dont support this shit. When I make a booking agreement I am always in time. If I am delayed for some reason (hard traffic sometimes) its on my paid time.Quickies or 30 min sessions is not my style. I like some small talk,relax and make some chemistry/connection before start sex. Session getting more genuine and nice for both. To all escorts I give 100 % respect and also want so in return. If you do overbookings and dont keep agreement of appointed time please dont expect that I am waiting till you finished customer because I dont do. I have a private life and schedule with a lot of activities, training, job, travelling etc around me to take care. For me this behavior is the same as you got a fake call. Stealing time no good for you and me, respect.


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