Who are escorts?

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What do Escorts provide?

Escorts are prostitutes who primarily sell their time, and within this time phase a wide range of sexual services are available, but at the same time, it is not just about sexuality. We've already been discussing what makes a prostitute become an escort. The assumption that escort service has higher quality is valid. Escorts usually advertise themselves marking their hourly rates and what are their preferred sexual activities, skills (OWO, CIM, GFE, PSE, ANAL, BDSM, CIF, CIB, COM, COL, deep throat, breast sex, caress, strap-on & anal stretching, striptease, swallowing, testicle-dick torture, penis massage, etc.) that they can serve the client with. But it is not obligatory, and it is not at all certain that the escort client meeting will end up in sex, which is why there is a strong emphasis on selling their time and not specifically on sexual service. But if reciprocal sympathy allows escort meeting to lead to sex – escorts have the above mentioned favourites - that can make their sexual service more unique. Obviously, those sex clients seek escort service that have unsatisfied or secret perversions that they would like to work off on escorts. The typical case when a client is married but has such perverse sexual desires that he either does not dare to share with his wife or work off by her properly. Such an example is poo sex, which is considered to be rather unacceptable for most people. However, an escort’s very duty is not to distract from such perverted desires, but on the contrary, to satisfy them at the highest level.

There are several types of escort prostitutes, not only in terms of service but also in terms of gender and age as well. It is female escort that predominantly can be found and available on the sex market, but there are some men as well - just think of gay sex clients. There are male escorts who love to wear women's clothes, and although their sexual identification and orientation may be deceptive, they are not exclusively homosexual, as they might be transvestites (TV) as well. The palette of escorts is broadened by those who are transgender (TG), that is to say, who cannot identify their sexuality with their innate gender and tend to play the roles of the other gender, but their sexual attraction is not affected by it. Escorts who undertook surgical intervention are called shemale, that is, biologically they are male with male sexual organ, but they have female secondary sexual characteristics (breasts) and this is how they pursue the profession. In addition to the look, escorts can be categorized on the basis of sexual identity, whether they are attracted to the same or opposite sexes - homo- or heterosexual - or perhaps both - bisexual. So, sex clients can choose from these kinds of escort on an Internet site advertising escort services, and if once he has chosen a suitable escort with affordable escort price and favourite sexual services, he will get in touch with her via email or phone, and escort meeting can take place at an arranged time and place. The price of an escort is influenced by many things, such as the quality of sexual service, language skills, qualification or the economic situation of the current country.

On an escort’s profile there is always the list of favourite sexual services, which is based on what the escort's sexual interest is, what sexual acts she likes to do, etc., but does not price them, as they are indicative only to get the sex client to know what he can get. So during an escort meeting, if it is come to sex, then the client will have known what the escort is willing to do during sex and what she is not - obviously the sexual acts that she did not mark among the favourites. That is, if an escort’s list of favourite sexual acts does not include anal sex, then the sex client cannot expect her to do so. Actually, by showing favourite sexual services, the escort gently indicates to the client what her sexual service may contain. But what can the favourites be? Do not be surprised if we see abbreviations on an escort site instead of clear expressions of the sexual act, as it is common practice. If we read CIM then it means that the escort loves to be ejaculated into the mouth. GFE is when the escort act for her client as if she were his girlfriend, so she can make the client feel what it is like having an intercourse with a real girlfriend. A more extreme sexual service is the so-called BDSM, which means that the escort girl loves to be tied up during sex. Of course, there can be several more sexual services from simple to extreme, such as 69, anal sex, poo sex, fisting or OWO – oral without (condom) on.

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it aint like you type why wold the escort love this and that maybe they hawe this on the list soe it just look good and maybe for the extra cash !!!!!!

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