Medical point of view

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If we intend to look into anal sex from different angles, we cannot leave the medical approach out of consideration, that is to say the medical expert’s report, advice and in case of accidents the proper way to treat the problem. If our partner lends herself to anal sex and we suppose she/he is not a professional prostitutescort prepared for this kind of penetration, there must be done some measure of precaution, taking the anatomical boundaries into consideration. The anus is a sort of constrictor, which is not capacious enough to receive immediately the pecker ready for penetration, therefore before anal sex it is advisable to start with expansion to avoid that certain uncomfortable accident. There are suitable tools available at sex shops as well as on different internet sites. For this purpose there are special-developed anus-stretchers, various kinds of lubricants, which are indispensable before anal sexual intercourse. The lubricant implicitly is crucial because the bunghole unlike the vagina does not produce such a liquid that provides sufficient wetness for the male organ to slide on before the intercourse. If it did not happen because, for example, after a good night out, dazed and due to raging hormones the couple falls into the trap of starting the anal pleasure without a proper foreplay, that is to say leaving out the preparation phrase, it can lead to injury in the bung. If this has happened, it is advisable to interrupt the sexual intercourse because through the mucus membrane bacteria can get into the body quite easily. Thus the danger of infection can be considerably increased. Of course hygienic precautions should be mentioned on this point that the couples have to keep. We have to distinguish pre-intercourse and post-intercourse precautions. For males it is always advisable to use condom, while for females or gays should have rectal injection(enema) to provide due cleanliness for their partners. If it comes to using strap-on dildo it is also advisable to wear condom on it due to hygienic reasons. After the copulation it is worth for both of the partners doing a deep-cleaning, for which the most suitable products are the different disinfectant liquids designed for the mucous membrane, available at every pharmacy’s. If couples pay attention and keep the hygiene rules, they can avoid unhoped-for consequences.

The most common infections due to anal-sex:

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV): The vicinity of the rectum a lot of white corpuscle can be found, which increases the risk of infection as HIV infects them.

Human papilloma virus (HPV): The HPV’s capability of causing cancer prevails in the rectum as well as in the cervix; therefore anal sex can lead to cancer.

Other bacterial and viral infections such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, herpes, Escherichia coli contagion.

Thus the best way to avoid such contagions is using condom, especially among homosexual males.

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