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You’ll be stolen from so easily that you won’t take notice of it!

I’ve written what I planned about the personal protection by body guards, but there are some more details which are worth going into because they can be surprising. So let’s pick up the thread of the story and continue by telling that our imaginary prostitute has prepared for everything. Almost everything. The personal protection cannot solve every kind of security problem because while being protected she can get robbed or stolen from.

Robbing doesn’t need much time and sometimes some tricks are well-enough.
Well let me distinguish the two types of robbing to clarify the situation.
The first one is when the client himself mugs the prostitute with a revolver or a knife pointing at her. She just hardly realizes what’s happened and her money and other precious belongings have been pocketed by the client. This type includes when an escort girl isn’t paid after the service or she gets less money than expected. This is less frequent because the bill is settled in advance.

The other type of robbing is when then escort steal from each other. It’s quite common among sex-workers. They watch each other where they hide the money and when the amount is big enough, they steal it.
The employer also can be a thief because they can afford not to pay the prostitutes or pay less. Some employers use tricks. For example they promise to work like a bank, so they keep the sex-worker money in a safe place. When the escort girls is out, they stage up a burglary scene, saying they cannot help about the incident and feel very sorry for the poor escort girl whose money was taken. What can a robbed prostitute do? Should she go and report it to the police?

We can hear a lot of methods how prostitutes are robbed. It’s happened too that fake police officers raided on escort girls and searched the house then they just take away the hidden money they find. This crime can be organized by some other criminal gang or the employer himself.

Let me finish discussing the possible dangers by sharing a last thought with my reader. This is coercion into prostitution. I’ve already mentioned in the first paragraph that most women don’t really want to work abroad as a prostitute as they are just tricked to go abroad with some sham work advertisement. These tricked women realize only abroad that they will become prostitute. After that their passport is taken away and they are told their family will be killed if they don’t work as a sex-worker. There are several other methods to force them. 

Furthermore, escorts can be kidnapped during work. The kidnap is well-organized after which the victims get found just very rarely if they do at all. They are held captive and it’s hard to imagine what happen to them. It’s up to us whether we disdain these prostitutes for their fault to become a prostitute, but we cannot be hypocrite as we are also responsible for this profession to exist because we use them, we make the demand on the sex-market. There will always be danger for those working in this profession as the sex-workers cannot prepare for every possible risk, however most of the dangers can be eliminated by being cautious and well-prepared, but it doesn’t mean it’s free of threat.      

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