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What if a violent guest’s knocking on the door? 

Where are we now? I’m writing about a girl who isn’t tricked, who isn’t an average girl who is forced to be fucked in the ass through a sham advertisement. She deliberately wanted to be an escort and luckily for her she found someone who took her abroad safely, e.g. to Sweden where working as an escort is a flourishing business. This escortgirl hasn’t made the mistake that she went abroad without being able to speak the language at a certain level, in addition she even has some information on the national customs and the laws of the country. Where’s the risk here? What can happen to her apart from getting to know all the methods of giving a blowjob, sado-macho and BDSM? We’re aware that a prostitute cannot afford being choosy. She can clarify what sort of services she offers but she cannot select her clientele. However there are few who like choosing which guest to supply with sexual services but it is quite rare and fortunate case. But is it possible to know the real intentions of a guest? Many escort work on their own, having no colleague by their side of course, which is often taken the advantage unfortunately. I don’t want to tell horror stories, I’m just mentioning this risk element that prostitutes are exposed to danger day by day. Just a few examples: the client may be a pervert who beats up, humiliates or tortures her. The guest may be a rapist who, after raping her, might kill her as well. Yes, it might happen. Prostitutes could prevent these cases if they were prepared, well-informed, having some real helpmates around her, who don’t just exploit them. Many escort tend to hire body guard, which isn’t a bad idea anyway. They protect both her stuff and the most precious thing, her physical well-being. Prostitutes working together at one place, like at a brothel, frequently hire body guards. There is real danger lurking on them if they rent an own flat or room and run their own business, because they tend to save on security. They should be aware that money may be extremely important in their life, but there is one thing more precious: their lives.

Escort often have outbound order that is the sexual service is to be provided on a certain address where she goes out, which is particularly full of dangers. She doesn’t know where she is going, what is awaiting for her, what kind of guest she is servicing soon. It doesn’t need a great imagination to guess what can happen to them in the worst case so it is worth thinking it over if the escort need a security guard or not. If an escort goes for a call, she may be escorted too by a guard. I’d say there has to be a security guy at the side of each escort. 

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I do not agree when you say that there has to be a security guy at the side of each escort. Most guys acting like security are would be pimps and living on the earnings of such activity. Having a security guy does not mean that when there is an incident you will get proper help. Probably and in most cases that I know of they will let you down and save their own asses before yours.

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You cannot hire me because i am not a bodyguard but a blogger here. :)
I know that the rules prohibited to get any part of "dirty" money from prostitution in most country of the world. But of course the reaction of the authority depends of story that the prostitute "escort" says when controlled. Moreover a good structured agreement of a driving and guarding service can be another solution.

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6.12 A person who promotes or improperly financially exploits a person’s engagement in casual sexual relations in return for payment shall be sentenced for procuring to imprisonment for at most four years.

If a person who, holding the right to the use of premises, has granted the right to use them to another, subsequently learns that the premises are wholly or to a substantial extent used for casual sexual relations in return for payment and omits to do what can reasonably be requested to terminate the granted right, he or she shall, if the activity continues or is resumed at the premises, be considered to have promoted the activity and shall be held criminally responsible in accordance with the first paragraph.
If a crime provided for in the first or second paragraph is considered gross, imprisonment for at least two and at most eight years shall be imposed for gross procuring. In assessing whether the crime is gross, special consideration shall be given to whether the crime has concerned a large-scale activity, brought significant financial gain or involved ruthless exploitation of another person

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If I for example, i hire you to be my driver and security budy while i do outcals, that means that you will breake the law, because i wil pay you with a part of the money from prostitution, and thats " pimping"...so?????