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They are the prostitutes or escorts who, to put it mildly, who take the sadistic role in sadomasochistic sexual activities or in BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Submission). Sexual orientation does not determine the mistress’ actions; in addition, sexuality is not necessarily present in the game, so much so that some of the popular dominatrixes tend to feel insulted at being called a prostitute. Dominatrix is ​​a role player who dominates her partner in various forms, which can be verbal and physical in the numerous possible forms or acts of humiliations. The professional dominatrix may be a specialized prostitute, escort with a well-equipped dominatrix studio, but she may be an amateur, when, for example, spouses decide to refresh their intimacy a little bit and the wife puts on some leather stuff and grabs a whip to punish her husband. Dominatrix service is highly linked to fetishes, which manifests in tight leather suits, high heels or long boots. The most common activity is pinioning, roping or suspending guest, physical abuse, which often change into torture. Dominatrixes have to be very careful during the course of the sexual or punitive practices in order not to cause any permanent injury to the guest, as it can easily happen while, for instance, trampling testicles.

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