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reviews / Best massage

Ville inte göra något utav dom tjänster hon erbjuder. Utseendet är inte exakt s
2Stars Best EscortReview massage _Reviews

reviews / Selena

My friend and I were with she and her friend, we paid to be there for 1 hour. we asked about the ser
2Stars EscortReview Selena _Reviews

reviews / Casy

Det var väldigt obekväm upplevelse, fyra tjejer till var där och man kunde höra
2Stars Casy EscortReview _Reviews

reviews / Natalia‚̧ԳŹ

Seeing as this girl decided to make a new profile I will copy paste the review I wrote on her last p
2Stars EscortReview J√∂nk√∂ping J√∂nk√∂ping_Reviews Natalia‚̧ԳŹ

reviews / Liza Niss

Spara pengarna, runka istället... bara ut för pengarna och hon gör som lite som m&oum
2Stars EscortReview Liza Niss _Reviews

reviews / Amy Hot

She lives with a friend who’s was there during the punting session. Average experience and
2Stars Amy EscortReview Hot _Reviews

reviews / Hanna

Jätte otrevlig och kall tjej som bara stressade
2Stars EscortReview Hanna _Reviews

reviews / valeria_beauty

Everything was horrible from the booking a appointment until the meeting. She was cute but doesn&rsq
2Stars EscortReview valeria_beauty _Reviews

reviews / Lucesita

Can't Speak English, She start yelling in Spanish which was very disgusting. Did not get all the ser
2Stars EscortReview Lucesita _Reviews

reviews / Samantha

Didn't do anything she played instead with here phone, absolute worst experience. She did not anythi
2Stars EscortReview Samantha _Reviews
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