Available Gifts

Available Gifts

🌹: A Rose for 1 credit

❤️: A Heart for 2 credits

🎁: A Giftbox for 3 credits

💐: A Bouquet for 4 credits

👑: A Crown for 5 credits

💋: A Kiss for 6 credits

⭐️: A Star for 7 credits

💎: A Diamond for 10 credits

🌍: The World for 25 credits


These gifts cannot be given by Members. At the beginning of each month the highest rated Escorts get one these prices accordingly.

🥇: 1st place on the Toplist

🥈: 2nd place on the Toplist

🥉: 3rd place on the Toplist

🎬: Award for winning the Video Challenge. Usually 2 prizes are being given: one for getting the most likes cumulated and the other one is for the owner of most liked single video.

Last updated: 2021-06-04 09:19

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