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For me, I need to see a picture of an escorts pussy before I like to meet her, and a lot if the girls does not have these pictures.
I get really turned on of a nice pussy, since I love to lick a nice one.
So, why are the girls not showing pictures of it?
Is it because they are getting a pig in a bag and then it will be the same for me as a customer?
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  • Natalia (@natalia-ec247e) · · · (#0)
    😂😂😂😂😂 clients are completely crazy here
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    • Dadix (@dadix) · Dadix · · Natalia (#164436)
      Why are Swedish escort clients crazy? Do you not have the right to demand the right info and correct pictures of the person you want to meet and pay SEK 2,500-3,000 per hour?
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    • Abc69 (@abc69) · · · Natalia (#164436)
      So you think I am crazy. Well its your right to think so, but in this case i think it says more about you than me.
      Like Dadix says, i am paying a lot of money and i really think i am in title to see what i am paying for.
      If an escort would require to see me naked, before she agrees to meet me, i would be totally fine with that, because it is mutual.
      We all have different things that turns us on, breast, ass etc etc and for me it is the pussy, nothing wierd or crazy about that.
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      • Dadix (@dadix) · Dadix · · Abc69 (#164440)
        [ removed comment]
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      • Dadix (@dadix) · Dadix · · Abc69 (#164440)
        Håller med dig 100% och jag tror att en stor del kanske upp till 50-60% av utländska tjejer tror att de är gudinnor här i escort branschen och att svenska män inte alls bryr sig alla hur de ser ut , ålder mm ?! Mitt tips till de är va korrekta med annonser, info och bilder i annonser och tro inte att svenska män är naiva och dumma i huvudet det kommer ni att känna på när ni inte får besök av kunder eftersom ni beter er så som ni gör ! Lägger ni ut falska , förfinade bilder , ljuger om åldern och sen när kunden träffar er och vänder vid dörren då hotar ni med ” svart box ” att ni ska lägga ut ens mobil nummer och sånt skitsnack! Men vem bryr sig om det? Var korrekta och ärlig så får ni detsamma, var oärliga och omänskliga så får ni detsamma, korrekt eller ? Tur att det finns mycket korrekta escort tjejer i Sverige också men de blir med tiden färre och färre tyvärr!
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      • Maya cool (@maya-cool) · Fantasyland · · Abc69 (#164440)
        I think internet is completely crazy :))

        Meeting a new escort is like playing poker or casino. You have to be ready to lose that money is you don't win.
        Is a game, you pay and you see if you win or not.

        (Wining means, close to your expectations about the meeting)

        Or better if you don't have expectations at all, you will not get disappointed.
        I agree that everyone is working hard for them money, and of course I personally respect that, but that's why you have to think twice if you wanna try meeting an escort or not. :)

        Is a choice who wants to show her pussy, when where and in what situation.

        Or maybe inform yourself a bit better about how it is and what's about ia better than complain on internet why you don't see pussy, evolve a bit.

        Like, no hate , but you should really change you're perspective is a bit small :)

        Cheers 🍻 be good 👍
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        @Maya cool
        • Abc69 (@abc69) · · · Maya cool (#164445)
          I think I am informed enough thank you and I am not complaining, just pointing out a fact.

          A escort has everthing to win to show correct pictures of her self, showing clients this is what you get, a chance to get regular clients, instead of meeting new ones most of the time.
          For the money we are paying, for me it is a requirement from now on.
          I dont mind paying 5-10 000kr/ session, if she has what I like, it is much easier for me the way my life is for the moment.
          I understand if you dont want to show your face, but the rest why not.
          Like I wrote, clients likes different things with an escort, what appeals to one does not appeal another.

          You be good to and try to see things from your clients point of view for a change.
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          • Maya cool (@maya-cool) · Fantasyland · · Abc69 (#164446)
            What change ? Nobody wants a change is just you :))) and another 2-3 who are so horny that they cum for free...

            Thanks for addicting us how we should do our work better.
            You should really go and inform yourself to see that some escorts offer onlyfans pictures in a safe and PAID platform, as this is a service not another platform where we send dick and oussy pics just to see how they look.

            I found your topic useless and disrespectful, but I hope you find your Afrodita with her pussy outside waiting to be judged and analised.
            I think our conversation stops here.

            I can't waste my time to explain you the acb in escorts..

            Adios :))
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            @Maya cool
            • Maya cool (@maya-cool) · Fantasyland · · Maya cool (#164452)
              Yea misspell, you get it, whatever.

              BTW, if you 5000 or 10.000 for a session, I think u afford also 7,50$ or maxim 15$ to pay a subscription or tips for the pussy pic in safe atmosphere, not demanding, like you buy something ✋ stop giving unnecessary advice, is a lot of FREE platforms where you can see pussy 😉
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              @Maya cool
  • Anna Sweet (@anna-sweet) · · · (#0)
    hahahaha, then you attach a photo of your penis ... we also do not want sex with a crooked / small penis for example ... this is important for us! 😂😂😂
    (Really crazy …)
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    @Anna Sweet
    • Abc69 (@abc69) · · · Anna Sweet (#164447)
      I am trying to adress a issue and be polite, but your answers is everything else but polite and it makes me wonder why the elevator doesnt go to the top.

      If you can read english, you can see that first of all I never wrote clients should show their dick for you.
      Second of all, I do think you should have all right to decline clients based on their how the look.
      If you dont want have sex with everyone, then you can require picture or a facetime call.
      But I guess you do anyone for money, regardless how they look, right?
      Thats desperate..
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  • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · (#0)
    For me this issue is a non topic. I agree that a pussy can be more or less attractive & beautiful & when i find a girl with a pussy like that i see her more than once. I understand that girls dont want to put a pic of their pussy for everyone (not paying), to watch, even though some do. Then go for them if rheir pussies are good enough.. I dont mean to mock anyone. Just my opinion
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    @Stroke survivor
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