Warning: Cindy Sun = scammer

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Cindy Sun is a scammer that will scam you using the following procedure. Please be vigilant and watch out!


1. In her profile "she" offers every service available as bait. She will not answer if you call, instead you are requested to write in WhatsApp.

2. Once you write, you will find out "all services are included". Of course this is to fire you up, get your hormones running, and get you really horny.

3. When you eventually agree on a price, she will tell you she needs to know you are serious and will ask you to place a pre-payment to a Paypal account.

4. If you fall for point 3, she will immediately block you and gone is your money.

Don't fall for this scam!

PM me if you want further details.
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  • Cindy Sun (@bobby-pins) · · · (#0)
    I don’t believe... I’m always correct and respectfully :(
    What can I do ....I’m so sorry but this story here Not true!
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    @Cindy Sun
  • Cindy Sun (@bobby-pins) · · · (#0)
    anyone who has read the text of my ad will know that this whole story is done by a man against me he wants to turn the guests so he takes revenge because he wanted more from me than Escort and I didn't want that
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    @Cindy Sun
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