Rent apartament need Stockholm

Selena (@selena) · 1 Svar ·

Hello,im new in Stockholm I want know some agency or hotels for work(just serious people )and what is the good area ,im new in Sweden?

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  • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · (#0)
    Dear, if police see that you ask to work for an agency - they will make you big problems because they will think that you have been trafficked and have a pimp...

    Really, police will look for your advertisement and call your number while they pretend to be a client. Then they show up at your door along with social services and sometimes also the News and make you feel very bad emotionally with shame for what you are working with. Trust me... the News LOVE to write articles about this.

    It is OK for you to work like escort independently but Any pimping activities in sweden are illegal. Also buying sex is illegal for your clients, so you must be discrete about it or else customers may not come to see you because of fear.

    AirBnB is best and discrete. Many girls do this.
    But hotels is more risky and the staff are trained to look for signs of prostitution. Mabye you can get away with working in a hotel for 1-2 days until the staff notice and kick you out on the street.

    Mabye some collegue can help you with tips or working together, but also never trust anyone 100%! Always keep your money safe and your personal belongings.

    I wish u best of luck
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