Fånga en torsk

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  • Markku (@markku) · · · (#0)
    De borde ut och kriga bland drogkartellerna i förorten istället för att slösa med resurser på det här viset.
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  • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · (#0)
    "Seven caught are not enough. There is a risk the management will think of it as a waste of resources."

    No kidding?!
    And why prevent crime? Better stay outside and milk the honey pot for statistics.

    Hahah and they want to raise the minimum penalty to prevent caught clients from buying their way out of the public shame of a trial. Without that option to confess their way out of shame, they will not confess at all, and a prosecutor will have to bring it to a trial to get the same result.

    That means a tremendous burden on police to all of a sudden produce evidence. Enough evidence to convict someone of the crime.

    Not to mention noone in their right mind would waste that amount of money and the time of police/prosecutor/defense/judges/etc. for a misdemeanor on par with being caught pissing in a public space.

    How about decriminalise it?
    * That way all the johns who shy away from the police would be turned into potential informants of trafficking.
    * The unlawfully high rents would be stopped.
    * No risk of being evicted.
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    • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · Nyfiken (#153713)
      In todays feminist movement, speaking up publicly about such suggestion would result in decapitation. Thats the unfortunate truth.

      All you can do is screen whom you wish to meet, make sure you are both on the same page and not confess to shit if Simon & Co. show up.

      Its their job to collect undisputable evidence. In most cases they dont even come close to that and thus they play the good cop/ bad cop in order to make you confess to a fine. You will end up on laxbase either way or people will find out due to the cops leaking info themselves. How else have all other famous guys been hanged publicly in the media?

      Go to court. Cops will lose cuz they dont have shit to irrefutably prove A-B-C.

      I feel your logical & rational arguments. However society is emotional. They lack insight and build their perception upon their own fantasies of what sexwork is like. Their perception is based on cartel movies, visualisations of rape on TV and outdated literature.

      Most girls today are high end escorts, very few work for less than 2000kr/hour. They have a lot of screening capabilities, access to websites with adress, names of clients even videocall for fucks sake. They can choose whom to meet or not meet, based on their own taste and preferences. You can even look up cars license plate for free or for a small fee and see who its registered on.

      Go out to clubs and there are plenty of loose girls who sleep around for free or just for a drink.

      Escorts on the other hand get paid thousands for each lay. Who is better off? Who is making profit?

      Escorts are the smart ones. Calculated. Yet everyone in society looks down on them as victims.

      I met a "loose girl" in uni while having a class of human rights. Typical feminist but she was hot and somewhat of a slut. Believed in female empowerment and whatnot... but she spoke ill of escorts. Needless to say I was the 86th guy to fuck her for free. If she had not been so "liberal" and instead charged for each of the previous ones, she would have at the VERY LEAST have made 85 x 2500kr by now (212. 500). And that is if only assuming IF she slept with each of them ONLY ONCE. Which of course no...
      Instead she was a broke student feminist girl going home with whoever bought her a cheap free drink...

      Go figures. I told her what she wanted to hear. Never respected her a bit for those dumb double standards. She now graduated uni with -200.000 in student debts and currently is looking for a job. I wouldnt be surprised if she lives with a Chad or Tyrone just to have roof over her head.

      Come to think of it, I might invite her over this weekend during the day while her lowlife weedsmoking BF is at work serving burgers.

      A big LOL.
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      • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · Matsimus (#153718)
        Well written. I agree that there are few victims in Sweden, mostly calcukating girls who chose this from free will.. A little sad though, that this is their only chance to get a better life, if they invest the money in something else that generates money, which a girl i know have done. However, its ,uch better that this option is available for the girls, than no option at all. I understand there are girls forced into this business, but im quite sure most girls on this site are independent ones. Anyone disagree , & if so, why? There is a lot of talk from politicians about girls right to their owm body, but that seems to only be about abortion. I wont write any opinion about that other than there is another life involved about that, even though unborn. About prostitution its nobody else involved. Just political nonsense as everything else from our "feministic" government.
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        @Stroke survivor
    • Wantfuk (@wantfuk) · · · Nyfiken (#153713)
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    • Jabulon (@jabulon) · What's the speed of dark? · · Nyfiken (#153713)
      Stop making sense already. This is Sweden, home of delusional wokeness, manic feminazis, and neo-puritan authoritarians. Being the rational and right thing to do means nothing to these people.
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  • John Player Special (@premiere-classe) · Old school Swedish gentleman · · (#0)
    Thoughtful posts her guys, the law is just a joke. Should be abolished but the question is, who will stand up publicly for these view's we have?

    It's such a stigma in this country, I've tried to argue with ppl that it's not black and white. Human trafficking is of course a terrible thing, I think most of us agree and most will not support this.

    But not all girls are victims, quite the opposite, the smartest, strongest, self conscious and committed women I've met are among escorts. But these kind of opinions are not allowed these days, you'd be branded an exploiter of human trafficking and a deplorable person for your rest of your life if you'd even say a pip.

    Fuck the moralists on their high horses.
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    @John Player Special
  • Wantfuk (@wantfuk) · · · (#0)
    This is all gold I agree 100%. Police are that fucked in the head plus they have a noble attitude about it. "att fanga en torsk" javlar finns nog inget stroppigare I hela varlden. Sverige är som en san ode civilisation som aldrig varit I kontakt med varlden fast med bankid och en snoffsig attityd.
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