Another punter meets the police

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”Sexköpare avslöjades – när han gick fel” Sex buyers were revealed - when he went wrong

This happen mid March. I man was out to meet a girl, they have been communicating through text messages. When the time came where the man was suppose to meet the girl, he had 2000sek cash on him and continued heading to (Lorensberg). The man had difficulties finding the girls place and even Parkering spot but the girl had already sent the directions and port kod to the building. Time goes on the girl ask the man via text “where are you”, the man applied with “I am here”.

However, the man had entered the wrong staircase. So when he didn't show up, the woman decided to cancel the meeting. Instead, the man met the police, who were at the address just as a result of an “action on human trafficking and prostitution” (seems a bit odd but whatever).

The police then found the 2000sek cash and the text messages with the girl and this concluded the fact that this man was meet for the purpose of pursuing “sex” for another human being.

The man then confessed to the allegations and state that
“ It was the first time I did this. I was desperate, I wanted to lie down. I didn't think about the consequences. When I went to the website I became obsessed. I'm ashamed, he expressed in police interrogation”

This in all gave the man criminal charges of the purpose of attempting to buy sex.

Wish the penalty is set at 40 daily fines of 250sek, a total of 10,000sek.

This happened in Gothenburg mid March somewhere around the are of Lorensberg.

This is written in a article from the new outlet This me trying to translate and summarize the story. Cheers ?

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  • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · (#0)
    More media tripe on the matter.

    "human trafficking and prostitution" as if they were connected. Oddly enough media rarely mention the gypsy begging cartels, even though most confirmed cases of trafficking has been found there. In a twist of political irony, media usually portray the beggars as independent agents.

    But who cares about truth any more.
  • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · (#0)
    What a messed up situation. So...

    Nr1. The woman goes out to look if the man has arrived but doesnt notice the undercover cops in the area/ her own staircase? What a lousy scouting on her part... and if she noticed it- she didnt inform her client to be careful and stay away? Dear god haha, I bet she wrote on her ad "discrete girl & safe apartment".

    At this point its all just copy paste. Finding someone who really means what they write is like finding a rare mythological unicorn.

    Nr2. The man... how the fuck is this guy so stupid as to not take better precautions? "The police found 2000kr cash... that can easily be explained away its normal to walk around with cash. However the second part "the police found the text messages"... the cops cant confiscate without good reasons. And even so it takes time to crack a phone open. My bet is that this dumbass willingly unlocked his phone and handed it over like a scared little bitch without hesitation all the while he was singing like a guilty little bird.

    However I do truly believe it must have beeb his first time. No one can possibly be that stupid to shoot himself in the foot like that. Being a cop these days must be easy when guys like that literally do all the work for them. Easiest case ever, no need to collect evidence and prove A & B, naaaah... dumbass does it for them. Well deserved fine.

    My verdict. Both are idiots due to points nr 1 & 2.
    • Viktor84 (@viktor84) · · · Matsimus (#152334)
      Poor guy didn't even get laid but did get the fine, that's comedy gold! To all punters reading it: use only messengers with auto-deleting messages and set them to delete 1-2 minutes after you read them when you go to a girl. Telegram, Wickr, Signal - whatever. Ask girls to use them too, and if they refuse or don't care - they're not safe and discreet!
    • Sissy :) (@sissy-) · kisses · · Matsimus (#152334)
      She was not careful enough and just send her own address and code to main door thats ridiculous she would either gotten robed or the police will just stay in her entry for potential client most likely they have contacted her and she gave them her codes to her own place with “fake booking “
      @Sissy :)
  • Ms Maja Andersson · Independent Swedish Escort · · (#0)
    Actually, the safest way to not risk meeting the police is to meet an escort that requires that you verify your self before giving out her location.

    That way the police can't get a hold of her location.
    @Ms Maja Andersson
    • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · Ms Maja Andersson (#152362)
      They have more ways to find your location than calling you. Imagine how happy the police would if they got hold of a phone filled with verified sexoffenders.

      I prefer to gamble with anonymity.
    • Sissy :) (@sissy-) · kisses · · Ms Maja Andersson (#152362)
      Not everyone can verify themselves a lot of people have family and wife’s ,put yourself in their shoes, I wouldn’t verify myself if you ask me to if I know I will have problems with police, you can be careful enough without verifying simply if your smart enough to protect yourself and not meet idiots , not give your exact location and many more ...
      @Sissy :)
  • honey · · · (#0)
    Meet with correct girls and police never take you! It faults mans because want cheaper girls and go to the apartment where is big traffic and police look!
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