Gain the regular girls and the real gentle men.

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My starting point is that police are focusing at 1. Trafficing victims 2. Catch sex buyers (pick points). When I read in different threads many regular escorts pointing out they have less visits from police because they are known as independents. The affect would be a less risk for the client to be catched by police by booking a regular. In many threads regulars pointing out they got knowledge about how to handle the police to protect her customer from getting charge. Important thing here is there is a thrustful commitment between regulars and clients, so when clients get captured by police after visit a regular can tell police he visit but only talk without getting scared and confess as Paolo did. Its the police who have to prove there have been an ongoing sex act as everybody knows already. So how could administration help and gain regular escorts who pay for advertising for a long time. I have a suggestion and want to listen both escorts and clients comments. My suggestion is: Escort who have advertised in sex-tjejer for lets say 6 months/180 days shall be seen as regulars. I think its a reasonable time to get familiar with the swedish culture, laws and bounding between the girls who can help and learn from each other and understand the swedish circumstanses when working here from the girls as well as clients point of view. Next question is how can a client visit sex-tjejer and pointing out a regular escort ? It can be develop by admin, escorts and clients together. But I have an idea. Under each girls photo there is a P or P+. There are place enough also for an R= Regular. As a compliment to be informative there would be a common viewable place for a client to inform himself what R stands for. If admin can fix an R click button under the photos would be great or in the head of left column there you show the cities of girls. I think an idea like this will help the regular escorts and gentles who take this meetings seriously and try to avoid support traffic victims.It will gain serious regulars and separate the

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  • patrik (@patrik) · · · (#0)
    It will gain serious regulars and separate them from more unserious girls with pimps or no pimps who stays fora short time in Sweden. And I am sure clients will pay a little bit extra to avoid get a fine or get to prison now or in the future depending on the feminist virus influense of our government.
    • Emma (@@emma) · · · patrik (#151265)
      Very good suggestion Patrik, lets hope the admins will consider this.
    • Natalia (@natallia) · Independent female Escort · · patrik (#151265)
      I like your idea,Patrik...maybe the site can help us with this and after that is only the customers decision to which girl they want to go...if they want to go to a regular one and feel safe and have fun or if they want to go to a new one who doesn't care about safety and if they get catched there to dont cry after 👍 The decision is only in your hands my dear gentlemen! I respect and love all of you!🙏❤
  • Jessie · · · (#0)
    Because there are some established independent escorts that doesn't advertise over here or some doesn't advertise at all or only occasionally and are still safe. So it's like excluding those.
    • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · Jessie (#151279)
      We already have sleeper accounts among the buyers. I'm guessing they would start popping up among the sellers if all you had to do was beat a timer.
    • patrik (@patrik) · · · Jessie (#151279)
      My point Jessie was not to exclude any established thrustful lady. My idea was to create something better for girls and boys who enjoy sex-tjejer.To not be excluded from S-E of course admin want all girls pay for advertising. Means that the girl have to decide if she want to be in or out in S-E. About thrustful independents who stays here occasionally I dont have the answer how to do. Maybe the long stay (6months) girls in a group of 2-3 girls or " Fuckfunion" (fuckförbundet) can be guarantors for this short stay girls to get a R (regular) on her photo by sending a message to admin. Try to find out what possible. You girls knows best how to marketing yourselves and help each other. I am just an idea man.
      • I think no need for all that extra verification marks. If guys really want to know who is established and trustful they can research that themselves. If they are capable to roam around escort pages for hours they are capable to do that as well if they really want to. Same for me, the guys that call me don't have a mark on them for me to see if they are trustworthy or not. I use my common sense and the way somebody communicates with you already tells a lot about it's personality. Certain things gives red flags and most of the time when I sense that I'm 99% right and avoid. So guys are totally capable to do the same. A conversation between two people can come to a long way.
  • Малика (@malika) · · · (#0)
    Great ideea. Please admins consider this proposal since its a way of protecting the costumers
  • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · (#0)
    It's not rocketsurgery, really.

    Is this a new girl you have not seen before?
    Is she in a new city every five days?
    Probably not a regular.

    Is she the same girl you have seen in the city for several weeks, even months maybe?
    Does she have reviews dating back several years from that same city?
    Probably a regular.
    • patrik (@patrik) · · · Nyfiken (#151310)
      Easy for you and other experienced guys.But I think also first timers who are not up to date with sex-tjejers structure want to avoid a trafficed girl.
      • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · patrik (#151319)
        If they are newcomers who don't know how things work, why should they trust what the site tells them?

        It could just as well be Dave running a prostitution outlet for the maffia.

        Either way, it's not like the site can put a sticker on the profile that say "100% organicly grown escort, completely free from trafficking" to vouch against these sort of things.
        • patrik (@patrik) · · · Nyfiken (#151324)
          I leave this to the girls and admin to develop. At least I had an idea to make things better for all who are serious. If the idea is not interesting just throw it to the bin.
          • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · patrik (#151326)
            I'm just naturally an evil critic. Also, it doesn't make me right and you wrong. I'm just sharing my thoughts, just as you are :)
  • kdotlamar22 (@kdotlamar22) · · · (#0)
    I was visiting a lady who gave me wrong adress first because she wanted to see who i was, when i come to the wrong adess she saw me from the window and gave me the right adress to her, i loved that idea. So maybe escorts can protect their adress this way.
  • biks · · · (#0)
    Is ti safer to call a girl into apartment I rent for one night? Incall seems so dangerous now. Is outcall safer option?
    • patrik (@patrik) · · · biks (#151361)
      Its definitly more safe. But there are a few cases when police have followed the girl on her outcall
      • But what happens then? I open the door for the girl and they bust in?
        • Viktor84 (@viktor84) · · · biks (#151374)
          Disclaimer. The following text is my fantasy and all my reviews are my fantasies too, all coincidences with the real life are just coincidences :)

          You open the door, you do your thing with the girl, then she comes out and only then you get busted. Remember - police needs to prove 2 things to charge you: there was sex and there were money paid. To prove sex, they stand at your door the whole time and listen/record sounds from the apartment. Put some loud music between the door and your room so they can't hear shit :) But not too loud, or your neighbors might get annoyed and call the police, haha :) Even then, never say any money-related words or numbers when you talk to the girl. They also look for used condoms and tissues with traces of sperm on them, so always flush condoms in the toilet and never use tissues. Shower is better and more hygienic! If these steps are taken, they have to ask the girl and check phones to prove anything. To prove money, they need to directly ask the girl or look for conversation in the phones. They can also check your bankomat cash withdrawals, so don't be stupid and don't withdraw the exact amount right before the meeting. Do it in parts and days in advance, so you can always say you already spent this cash in Systembolaget and drank all the expensive vines :)

          Outcall is definitely safer because it requires much more effort from the police to catch just one guy, and police want to catch many guys to have good numbers to show to public and their superiors, and get nice quarterly bonuses, but there is never a 100% guarantee even on outcall. The key thing is that under the current law, the girl is a witness. If she says "nothing happened", you say "nothing happened", you both deleted all messages from your phones, condoms are flushed, then it's very hard to prove anything. And for the love of god, never use regular sms/phone calls - they're all logged and tracked. Use private messengers and delete all messages before you start with the girl!

          It all depends on the girl mostly. She must know the law and say the right things to not get your busted. And she of course also must be alert enough to notice if anyone is following.

          So trafficking girls who are here just for $$$ WILL get you busted. Book only independent girls who stay here for a long time, they're more understanding and willing to help their clients. Of course IF these clients are real gentlemen and behave nicely :)
          • Thanks for brief reply! I just don't get how police has so much power for such small misdemeanor as paying a girl for sex?? So they don't need a warrant to raid my apartment? They only need to think that I might pay girl for sex and I lose every human right I have? They can also look into my phone and my bank activity??? I mean WTF? How is this even legal for them to do without any evidence? Even if the girl is known prostitute, maybe I am her fucking boyfriend. Standing in front of my door and listening to me fuck, seriously? This is borderline stalking. So they have the right to harass any couple that is fucking just because they might think the girl got paid? What if some police officer got dumped buy the girl and now he is jealous? He can just raid her new boyfriend apartment, because he "thought" she got paid?
            This is just ridiculous. How this shit even stands up in court? This is human rights violation!

            Another thing is I see here everyone recommend to go with girls with lots of reviews. Well in Stockholm there is only 4-5 girls with lots of reviews. Some of them don't offer services I want or I don't really like them that much. So I end up with choice of 2-3 girls. If I rent an apartment for one day and none of these 2-3 is available that day i just wasted time and money.

            I don't mind paying premium prices for services I want, even tho Sweden is one of the most expensive place in the world for escorts, but I at least expect to relax for my money and not stress police gonna bust my door like I am fucking Pablo Escobar or something.
            • This is Sweden unfortunately. Maybe you're not Swedish as I think most Swede understand their screw up laws over here and have to live with it. This is a highly feminist country, probably the most feminist one in Europe, besides Iceland I think. So no you won't have so much feet to stand on screaming about your human rights. This country simple they don't and won't tolerate men buying sex. It's just not going to happen unfortunately. You just have to work around this fact, we all do.
              • Khloe (@khloe) · GFE · · Jessie (#151381)
                You right. Sick of this feminism country where they dress up and act like a men 🤮 they also try also to get the law where is illegal to sale sooner or later.
                2020 is end of Work in this country !
            • Viktor84 (@viktor84) · · · biks (#151378)
              This is the reality. You are treated as a suspect by the police, so your human rights get restricted of course. And never ever say to the police that you are her "boyfriend", this is literally asking for trouble. Boyfriend = pimp in 99% cases for the police. Better not say anything and stay silent. The best you can do is deny having any sex or any money changing hands at all.
          • patrik (@patrik) · · · Viktor84 (#151376)
            Good answer
  • Jessie · · · (#0)
    I have a suggestion. Is it maybe not better for you guys to pay the girls that have a Swedish bank account by bank transaction before coming to the appointment? Obviously this will only work if you did build up previous trust relationship and a regular visitor. But I see that Swedish bank transaction names are not showing up anymore in bank statements and only the account number where it came from, unless you write a name yourself. I'm coming with this suggestion because the way things are seems if catch, the police goes thru your phone and if paid by Swish it will show there and names, and if you pay in cash as well the police can find cash money in the apartment or cash money in your pocket and maybe you will need to prove where you got it. So if you make a bank transaction in advance and you come with no money on you and the girl doesn't have money in the apartment either, is that not a safer option? I mean money did not change hands. And it's impossible for the police to even know about bank accounts. As I said before this of course can only be possible if both people have a trust relationship build already and you will have to plan your visit beforehand.
    • Viktor84 (@viktor84) · · · Jessie (#151386)
      Jessie, all bank accounts have a name attached to them, all transactions too, even if you can't see it in your bank statement. This is perfectly transparent to the police, so it's a very bad idea. I'd rather prefer girls get familiar with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin etc.). I have met a girl who only does outcall not so long ago, and paid her with Bitcoin in advance. Never felt more safe in my life :)
      • Yes they really should do this. Paying with Bitcoin or Monero is the safest way to go!
      • Yes but I mean if you get caught and you dont have money on you and the girl either how can the police proof you made a bank transaction a day or few days earlier? Unless the girl snitch on you. Otherwise it's impossible. I don't like this bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. It's a fucking nightmare. I tried to open bitcoin accounts in the past and it was a headache to get the money back to you in cash etc and even to open it. To complicated, I'm old fashion and not into complicated stuff that I don't understand. So I really wont do cryptocurrency and I think many middle age guys either.
        • It is much easier now with crypto. There are many different ways to cash out now and it is not so difficult to learn. I mean you said it yourself that "You just have to work around this fact, we all do".. so this is working around it ..
    • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · Jessie (#151386)
      I think I prefer anonymous cash to a smoking gun like a bank transfer.
    • Viktor84 (@viktor84) · · · Jessie (#151386)
      Even with cash, you don't need to "prove where the cash came from". The burden of proof is on the police. Innocent until proven guilty and all that stuff. And the cash question will most likely be directed to the girl since cash will be in her purse and she doesn't even have to answer because she's not a suspect but a witness.
    • patrik (@patrik) · · · Jessie (#151386)
      No swish and no bank transactions. And if both people are in a thrustful relation its very simple. Both say no sex and no money exchange to police.
  • Blaz (@blaz) · · · (#0)
    i get the idea.
    But how can we as customers know for sure the girl are doing this work of her own free will?
    i always ask a girl i meet for the first time how come you are doing this kind of work and whatever they answer are either true or not i cant know for sure.
    • If a girl is a local in town, established, has her own place, good language etc. I don't think she is forced then. Have in mind that the ones living here in Sweden they have a choice to do something else if they want too as Sweden give people a lot of opportunities to developed oneself. You can study here for free whatever you like for example and have a chance to do some other job. So it's not that we don't have a choice than only escort job. We do have plenty of choices. It is the girls that coming here temporarily and going around city to city you need to watch out for. As well from which country they coming from, that as well can tell you a lot. But even so, it is not by definition that those are forced either. But you can act more cautious then.
  • LyndaVIP (@lynda-vip-milf) · Elegant, discreet & friendly GFE MILF · · (#0)
    Food for thought Patrik. Maybe ADMIN can look into this, would you Dave?

    I am positive it would not take that much of an effort for Dave to add an extra button for regular providers. I am rather positive it could happen in the near future since it should be in the admin's interest to support not only its users, but also the industry itself. Most of us are able (and capable) to separate abuse from freewill and joy, no matter if you are a punter or a provider.

    I would like for the Social Security, "Red Socks", Swedish Police and the General Public to obtain more in-depth information about the industry itself (and all various levels of it). By doing that, in a correct and truthful way, further knowledge would be obtained, maybe even a better understanding and with that more knowledge.
    Instead of constantly shame and blame, and put us all in the very same tight box, please dig a little deeper and just a little wider - you might find something else down there... - not all women are victims, most men do not rape.

    I am fully responsible. I feel joy. It is MY CHOICE. When I lose this joy, I know it is time for me to say goodbye not because someone forcing me to do so by his/her lack of understanding to my WHY.

  • LyndaVIP (@lynda-vip-milf) · Elegant, discreet & friendly GFE MILF · · (#0)
    BTW - lots of good typing and sharing from some of you boys!
    It was a while since I read so many well-written, thoughtful and amusing posts all at ones - I think I will sleep very well tonight, ha !
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