Be careful girls in Göteborg!!

Roxana (@roxan) · 28 Svar ·

Hi girls, i want to share what happend with me now. Have one guest who very dangerous! He dont speak english, only swedish but i cant, so we only sms, but he have friend who speak english, he told me that him friend wanna stay with me 4h, i say ok, i open the door for him. He's pay my time normaly, after changed him self!!!! He want rape me, he wanted to catch me, i never meet people like him, in turn i work soon 3 years ago, very much countrys, but him very agressive and I think that he take some tabletts, or i dont know... He's fucked up my brain very very much, I yelled at her, I bothered him out of my house (luckily), i think he from Arab. This is my worst night.... Save this number girls and dont pick up the telephone for him!!!! 0769222286 (GÖTEBORG)

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  • Roxana (@roxan) · · · (#0)
    (i dont have perfect english but i hope everybody understand my words)
  • Jessica xxx (@jessica-xxx) · 100% real pictures xxx always clean and safe place ? · · (#0)
    OMG😮😮 I'm really sorry for you darling, this kind of people must be avoid!
    He just have a bad attitude with you or he take money back also? You call the police?
    I hope you are ok now❤️
    @Jessica xxx
    • Hi dear
      My lucky that nothing happened between us. I put him i out of my house about 5-10 minutes. I dont call the police i did not want more trouble for myself... I take some sleep pills after i sleep...
  • Natalia (@natallia) · Independent female Escort · · (#0)
    I hope you are ok,but I really dont understand why you are still working with this kind of people(arabs)...I know that the work is very bad,for me also is really bad like never but I still prefer my safety than some money:) Better avoid them and let s hope that everything will be ok very soon ❤ hugs!
    • Roxana (@roxan) · · · Natalia (#151233)
      Hi darling my very big problem that always arab, turkis peoples call me.. I have swedish guest also but not much.. I dont know.. The arab and turkis people like me very much im not skiny,i have big ass, big boobs, curvy body u know this guys like this very much, every country where i work .. I try to select always but i cant select all the time exactly the guest.. And yes u say that bad the work this is true! I dont have costumers 5days ago, only this idiot and only my old guest (luckily)... And if i dont work as well i have to pay my rent.. Very bad now here really.. Take care your self Kiss 💋💜🧡💜💋💜💜
      • Natalia (@natallia) · Independent female Escort · · Roxana (#151241)
        I understand you very well 🙏 😘😘😘
      • I understand you as well. We all in the same situation at the moment unfortunately with the work gone to hell because of what happen. I saw an increase of Arab and Turkish guys calling me now, I think because they know the girls are desperate because all Swedish men are scarred and not visiting girls. So they probably want to take advantage of the girls now. So please be very very careful with those people. I don't see any of them but I understand if you have rent and bills to pay it can get very tricky. Especially if your client base is mostly Arabs and Turkish. I feel for you really, don't know what to say then please be very careful.
      • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · Roxana (#151241)
        Im swedish & i also like your body a lot, if you ever come to Stockholm;)
        @Stroke survivor
  • Малика (@malika) · · · (#0)
    Sorry to hear what happend to you but for your own safety meet only guys are able to speak english. I cannot imagine how can you spend 4 hours with someone who cannot have a basic conversation with you Or even understand what disturbs you or other kind of stuff. ☹️ Stay safe and avoid this people !
    • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · Малика (#151235)
      ^So much this.
      There are ofc exceptions, but they take a lot of willingness from both.
    • [ removed comment]
    • Hi darling Many guests do not speak english. Only in swedish
      No problem with that, they became good friends. And they help when I need something.
      Anyone who is normal and pays for my time doesn’t care if he speaks English or not.
      They usually don't come for that
      To talk. I usually try to choose. really my first bad story...We never know who is calling us, a Swedish could be crazy.
      Thanks the comment kiss
      • Малика (@malika) · · · Roxana (#151244)
        Well I guess it is up to everyone what kind of audience is searching for. I just gave you an advice for your safety, because overall that's the most important in my opinion. Stay safe 😉😁😘
      • Berkis (@berkis) · GFE and PSE but not BDSM · · Roxana (#151244)
        There are literally no swedish guys who don't speak english. Take my word for that. And if you find one there are probably reasons why you shouldn't meet him anyway. Take care.
        • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · Berkis (#151330)
          Very true. If youre swedish & dont speak understandable english, theres something wrong with you, so it might be a risc for other reasons
          @Stroke survivor
  • Jessie · · · (#0)
    I hope you're ok. Please don't take these kind of people even if you're so desperate for money. It's always these people that ruined this business for us and make the government now want to change the laws and make it worse for the Swedish men and for us. Most of us established girls see only see Swedish/Scandinavian men with good English that you can communicate properly with and that respects you. Avoid seeing these kind of people, on the phone already you can know. So please stop making appointments by text message!!! If you don't speak to the person and hear his voice you don't have any idea who you getting thru the door. When they say I cannot speak English, avoid! All swedes speak perfect English.
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