Very aggressive

Jessica · 19 Svar ·

Let me tell you what happened to this human scum. Is an Arab or avganistat I do not know for sure he is a liar. After he finished the job he pulled a knife on me and wanted his money back plus more money from me...Without doing anything at all. Maybe he didn't have money for toilet paper to wipe his ass. As the corona virus comes... ? Looks like a boy around 22-28 years Brunet and small in stature. This is his number. In case it happens to you 0790191094. It happened to my girlfriend 4 months ago the same person. Be careful

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  • Jessica xxx (@jessica-xxx) · 100% real pictures....not photoshop xxx new in city xxx call me · · (#0)
    Call the police please, this guy have the same number from long time so the police can find him very easy... He call me also few month ago but I didn't meet him.
    Really sorry for you darling :(
    Stay safe! 😘
    @Jessica xxx
  • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · (#0)
    Please call the police... he comitted several crimes including: paying for sexual services, rape (since in the end, it wasnt consentual), robbery, threatening, abuse, etc.

    The police can try to track his phone nr and messages through the operator.

    Save the condom as DNA proof.

    The law in Sweden protects escorts and thats why selling sex is legal. Please... contact the police and file a report.

    If the guy has done it with you, he may have also done this in the past and probably will try again with another girl in the future.

    Best regards/
    • Raysa · Hei love · · Matsimus (#150080)
      I have as proof a video
      Because I filmed him when he spat me 🤢
    • patrik (@patrik) · · · Matsimus (#150080)
      The law doesnt protect the escorts, just aloud them to sell sex. And protect them is low priority from police
      • Smallbutfastisback (@snallbutfastisback) · Sexlover · · patrik (#150092)
        For real have u ever written anything good about girls on this site ? All u do is criticize and complain either you’re a communist or socialist. Because they love to complain about everything. I bet u live on social welfare.
        The girls are not here because they love it they do it to make money . Because in many countries people don’t get jobs or it pays so bad they can’t live on it so if you’re only here to criticize and complain .
        Treat girls with respect and don’t talk them down they hav the same leagal rights as everyone else in this country!!!
        • This is the most stupid reply I have ever read. Have nothing to do with my comment. The only thing I criticize and complain about is police work and the less support they give the ladies.. My comment was just a correction of Matsimus and have nothing to do with treating girls or why the girls do this job.
          • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · patrik (#150095)
            Lmao a so called "correction"... Patrik is a butthurt old man who dislikes everything, grumpy as he is. Cant handle the truth.

            His ways of interpreting written information is somewhere around the autism spectrum... curious individual...

            Not to mention how low his general IQ is, arguing with that creepy predator is a waste of time.

            Plenty of escorts have written bad opinions of him. His hygiene is horrible and he keeps stalking girls who refuse to meed him. Theres a funny thread where carmen totally rails him over hahhahaha

            Mr dickcheese LMAO. Mr neverprovidesanythingproductivetoanythread#
            • patrik (@patrik) · · · Matsimus (#150099)
              Ha ha ha. Smallbutfastisback member 1 mars. You dont have to be Einstein to understand that Smallbut and Matsimus are the same person. And your stupid and retard comment have nothing to do with the thread. Everything you written here is totally bullshit and taken from air. No lady have ever refused me and Carmens hygiene and dickcheese funlanguage she use to everybody when she got irritated about something. I never met that girl. And you little shrinkage are so unsure about yourself that you need to integrate others opinions to feel comfortable when you write here. Grow up littke piece of shit and stand on your own legs.
  • Gene (@gene) · Buttman · · (#0)
    Don't meet blacks and arabs.
  • Roxana · · · (#0)
    Omg.. Much fucking crazy! Take care yourself 💋
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