Thief customer Stockholm

Sara · 11 Svar ·

Today I was the victim of robbery, a supposed client comes to my house, pays me and when he finishes he takes a shower and I also take a shower with him, he leaves the bathroom faster than me and goes to the living room to get dressed, it takes me 30 seconds to leave of the bathroom and there he is opening the closeth taking the money that he had paid me for 1 hour of service. he was of Arab nationality. He was an older man of about 60 years of age, I am not an aggressive person and I did not want to form a scandal because I do not want the neighbors to listen. So I asked him for my money and he said no and he already opened the door and left. What can I do in this case ? I'm new here. THE NUMBER IS THIS: +46 76 409 56 59

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