How independent are most of the independent escorts on this site?

Kaplucka · 35 Svar ·

Hi all experienced punters! (Sorry of this article was posted twice.)

I am quite new to this whole business with escorts, but my curiosity is clearly growing as I browse through some of the beautiful pictures of the verified escorts on this site. What I notice is that quite a lot of the escorts push on the issue of them being independent, but several threads in sites like Flashback express clear warnings about pimps being around most of the escorts that visit Sweden from Eastern Europe and that advertise on SexTjejer. In these threads there are also claims that this particular risk is much smaller in other sites likexxx where you also find more local escorts. I have no idea about if these are rumors or if there is some truth behind it, so I thought the best would be to ask the experienced punters here that might share some valuable experiences around this subject.

Do you have good or bad experiences to share around this question? How careful should you actually be about meeting non-local escorts that can be contacted on SexTjejer. Any constructive advice would be highly appreciated. Nice weekend to you all!

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  • banned user (@wazaka-xd) · · · (#0)
    they just hawe someone who they rent apartment from on watsapp can be an booking agent but not all some aswer by them self on whatsapp,,,, example me i dont hawe anything to do whit the escorts i hawe normal jobb i just do like you type ,,,,,, but i dont call my self an experieced punter i dont know what an punter is
    @banned user
    • Kaplucka · Indigo Lover · · banned user (#148720)

      I am not sure you understood my question. I was not referring to who they rent from. I am talking about potential pimps who offer 'protection' to them and the risks associated with that. 'Punter' is slang for an individual who uses the services of an escort. You see this term in all the forum. You can't have missed it.
      • banned user (@wazaka-xd) · · · Kaplucka (#148722)
        think it work like example if i my self get some problem i whill contact some one i know for help if i must do it . soe the pimp doesent exist .. maybe it can be an driver who drives girls around outcall but he is just an driver
        @banned user
  • banned user (@wazaka-xd) · · · (#0)
    newer any problems maybe whit angry girl at short moment and then can feel that there is an problem whit that but they dont stay angry soe long ha ha
    @banned user
  • Torkyy · · · (#0)
    If they have a pimp i highly doubt that the pimp is in this country. If they even have a pimp.
  • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · (#0)
    My experience is that its completely safe to meet the non local escorts ( except for the police maybe). Maybe ive just been lucky. I also dont suspect that any of the girls ive met are "pimped". In most cases ive been quite sure its been the girl herself who has answered, due to the sometimes poor english. On the other hand i prefer to revisit the girls who were good & felt safe instead of meeting new all the time. I also prefer girls with reviews unless someone really gets my interest. Then im prepared to gamble.
    @Stroke survivor
  • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · (#0)
    Care to link your source at Flashback? (PM if you like)
    Fully independant on one side, pimped traffic victim on the other. What do you rate agencies as?
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