Im looking for appartament in centrum in gothenburg .

Julia (@jullia) · 9 Svar ·

Im looking for appartament in Gotheburg . Somebody know or have apartament for rent ??? I want just for 7 day . 20-28 th januarry . If somebody can help me just give me a message . Thanks ♥️

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  • Hunter (@hunter) · Just for lady's. I'm straight · · (#0)
    For one or 2 nights u can stay at my place if u want
    • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · Hunter (#148521)
      Fuck man, such a cringy comment... She isnt homeless or looking for roof over her head. This girl placed an ad looking for a whole apartment for herself alone so that she can WORK in peace. Most girls arent looking for only a bedroom or just a couch either... they want to be alone in the house without a creepy guy like you staying around and making them uncomfortable
      • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · Matsimus (#148537)
        Or did you actually mean she could stay at your place with you and ALSO take incall clients there? You are not really comfortable with that now are you?

        Stupic creep. Also you have your own advertisement about yourself "offering sexual services to women". You are not a white knight by 'offering your place to her'. It takes 5 seconds to screen your profile and see that you have your own agenda to please and are in fact a cringy Creep
        • Julia (@jullia) · · · Matsimus (#148538)
          thank you very much for this message. the most honest man in the forum you are. thoughts like meeting people clients like him ??? don't stress anymore. they are crazy people sometimes.
          • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · Julia (#148540)
            Thanks, I just get angry sometimes when people like him say something but in reality they mean something completely different.

            As for myself, I always prefer to be honest as much as possible, but not everyone likes it. The truth doesnt always sound good, you know :)

            Anyways I hope you find a place from someone else who is serious, for a reasonable amount. For example airbnb is so ridiculously expensive, it should be illegal. Sadly I see many men taking advantage from this
          • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · Julia (#148540)
            From my observation here on the forum, all the MEN who say that they have a place aviable for rent are liars, unreliable and timewasters. Eventually you will find out that they all have a hidden agenda that they want sex in exchange or that they will only rent out one room and not the whole apartment... or they say some ridiculous absurd price... omg

            If you look for a place to stay on this forum, I only recomend to contact other girls because they are in the same business and share your own mindset. Mabye 1 girl is looking for a collegue because she doesnt want to be alone or mabye 1 girl needs to go back home earlier than expected, and then mabye you can take over the remaining days at her place. Mabye, I dont know. But MEN on this website... no :/
    • Julia (@jullia) · · · Hunter (#148521)
      what does it mean to be with you? no, thanks . I need an apartment to work. not to stay with you at home. I'm not that kind of woman. I need apartament for 7 days for work. Thanks anyway
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