Fake outcall Uppsala

Aysha · 17 Svar ·

+46 * ** Fake outcall Uppsala , he text me for outcall but when i arrive there he dont answer to the phone... he just joke on the text message , i stand there about 10 minutes but he didn’t come Adress is S:t ** 27

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  • patrik (@patrik) · · · (#0)
    In my opinion I think its a bad thing to hang out someones face in Forum. I do well understand that you girls getting frustrated about behavior like this. When you do like this you judge the guy without have met him. Maybe a friend have borrowed the phone for make a joke,maybe the phone have been stolen of someone criminal. How do you know ? When you do like this you only show that you are egoistic and dont care about people.Use the girls black box to inform each other. Just my advice. There can be mistakes however this case look like a bad behaviour.from someone. I am a guy with high integrity and I would never book a lady who put someones face in Forum. Because there can be mistakes and misunderstandings in the booking.process.
    • Aysha · Helllooo!!! New girl in town !!!! · · patrik (#147734)
      Why is not normal to put him face here? But is normal for he to book a girl and call she for outcall and then dont come down to meet ? Is it very cold outside i was Waiting for him about 10 minutes there and he just Look from the window and just do joke with me .... really 🤔
      I put him face here to see others girls and dont go to this adress and lost time and money like me
      • Rowe (@bond) · · · Aysha (#147735)
        Put his face and address in the Black Box for ESCORTS ONLY.

      • patrik (@patrik) · · · Aysha (#147735)
        Photo you published is from summer and not a man face from a window in November. You cant be 100% sure its him, so its not normal put photo here, its just aggression and frustration from you in a way to get revenge. The only ones who are interested in photos is police and the escorts. So if you want to help other escorts you can put photo in Black box. And no idea to send the photo to police because of a joke. He didnt paid you for sex.
    • patrik (@patrik) · · · patrik (#147734)
      I see you got support from Jasmine and Amelia(19) in hanging out buyers in Forum. Good for punters to know about escorts, where a visit can be a dearly and undesirable lesson.
      • Amelia (@ameliavip) · · · patrik (#147742)
        Dear Patrik. I don't get why you take it so personally ?
        Im sure you have NO IDEA how it is to have all day calls from fake guys , jokes , have fake booking. Probably you don't wonder and don't car that we girls need to fight with this everyday but i will tell you that because of that - good and normal clients get lost as well ! If a girl have bad experience with fake outcall , its big chance that she will never agree for outcall meetings on future.
        In some other countries all clients need to be veryficated by ID picture before meeting , you want the same situation here in Sweden just because girls stop trust you anymore after all this fakes ?
        You all are always happy to write bad review about girls , post personal details but when a girl post about some jerk who clearly waist her time ( and I'm sure not only her ! people like that do this to many girls and have fun of that ) then its a big problem ?
        If someone its good respectful guy - it will ever happen and he can sleep well !
        Maybe if girls will warning moore regular about behavior like that - guys will think 3x moore before play games will girl again.
        Have a nice day !
        • Aysha · Helllooo!!! New girl in town !!!! · · Amelia (#147743)
          Thank you for support dear 😓
          I put this here for others girls they don’t lost time and pay taxi for nothing. I don’t understand why the people do that.
          • patrik (@patrik) · · · Aysha (#147744)
            I dont understand too but there is a lot of stupid people in sweden nowadays. My apologize if you didnt know about the black box for sharing this shit guys with other girls.
        • patrik (@patrik) · · · Amelia (#147743)
          Dear Amelia, it was just my opinion and I wanted to recommended the escorts black box. I know you have to deal with a lot of jerks. I'm not sure but I think more of you girls check black box compare to Forum. Only a stupid swede would ID verified himself.because he is into start a criminal act, so it will never be a real situation here.
          Wish you a nice day too!
    • Малика (@malika) · · · patrik (#147734)
      Dear Patrik, you gave as argument that a friend may borrow the phone to make a joke. But taking it the other way around, how would you feel if you book an escort and her friend is borrowing the phone to make a joke too ? Or maybe her phone gets stolen and someone keeps you waiting at the door after you paid taxi ? You would imediately post it on the forum or review it so everyone can see the experience. There can be mistakes also, but this kind of behaviour its happening often on outcalls. And is not a mistake. Is lack of respect. A guy with high integrity would never put himself in the position to keep someone waiting outside when is so cold. She did not post it as an act of revenge. She did not know probably - like many others that we have a black box for escorts here.
      You describe yourself as a guy with high integrity, and probably you are. I do not think you or anyone with education would invite a girl just to look at her waiting in the cold from the window and not even answer the call or texts.
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