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Why are some posts gone? There were a couple of warning posts about a guy from malmö. Why are they gone?

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  • This I would like to ask also. Its very strange that everything was deleted ???!!!!!!
    @Alison Love
  • admin.Dave (@admin.Dave) · Office manager · · (#0)
    We have been asked to remove them because of personal rights. To Investigate an assumed crime(about which cannot be known that true or false) cannot be a topic ,by publishing personal data, in a public forum but it is the task of the police. So if someones are victims of a crime it should be reported to the competent authority.
    • Them delete about al the another guys that girls write !!!

    • You make a mistake is 6 girls write about that guy and you chose to delete it!
      Believe it police also doesn’t do so much here, assume that you have this forum where to write about idiots and also another girls can see it and don’t do the same mistake that another do, to trust that idiot!
      • admin.Dave (@admin.Dave) · Office manager · · Tiffany (#146978)
        You misunderstood or did not read that I wrote. You should understand that we have to take the responsibility because of contents that are posted out (which were asked to delete but left out) on this website. But we do not want to take it because of a happening "assumed crime" of what noone can prove that is true or fake. Yes, we delete them as the person ,about who these were written, asked us to delete them. We did it as we do not want to get any problem becasue of anything from anyone e.g. hurting personal rights...etc.
        We do not belive or trust in anyone/anything, we just want to disassociate ourself from this topic. We really sorry if this is really happened but the girls they are concerned should find another way to solve it. Thank you for understanding.
        • scumbag (@scumbag) · I am a scumbag · · admin.Dave (#146992)
          You are right Dave the girls must to find another way instead of writing about it here, as this is not your business.
          If the police do nothing, they should ask their PIMPs to fuck this man, or they could rent a fighter if they have no PIMP. Or they could report this news to the media. I am sure the media would be very interested about a criminal story of this known hypocritical man.
          Come on girls, here are some way so do not expect to have the solution handed to you on a plate but do one of them above to solve this problem.
          • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · scumbag (#147070)
            Sadly , the police give the shit about the girls. Thats not what the law the way it is, was intended ,. Quite the opposite, but those harassing, raping & robbing the girls could be dangerous. Much lesser that a punter or a girl is dangerous.Thats the way our cowords of policemen work.
            @Stroke survivor
          • they dont hawe pimp they do this by them self . and if they go to an guy like this its there own problem betwen him and here dont come criminal who call the guy up and say what did you do . a guy say to me before you better watch out this gils hawe some one and soe but they dont hawe
            @removed user
      • DonCurate (@curate) · Spectator · · Tiffany (#146978)
        I must agree with Dave, and sorry, but it can be hardly believed that the police isn't able to do anything if you report crime.
        • Well guilty not guilty! Everybody is innocent until proven guilty. A friend told me that he saw this guy posing on a shooting range with an
          Ak-47 and an escort beside him a couple of months ago. I just think that it’s strange that a guy with a company like this would post pictures of himself and a very known blonde prostitute from malmö on his snapchat.
          Very strange.
          • scumbag (@scumbag) · I am a scumbag · · Torkyy (#147100)
            If this is real then also mirroring that he is not so clever, or maybe he is thinking that this is so funny that he is against crime but let to do things like these for himself. Actually this is not a crime and you also can go to a shooting range and try any weapon by posing with a hooker. Based on the facts it seems that this man feel safe his position but I really belive that a journalist could cut his neck. Only some girls should get together against him and do it.
        • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · DonCurate (#147085)
          Of course they are able, they just dont care. I agree thats hard to belive but thats the case. Just scroll back in the warning section. It was needed that the two muslims robbing girls in Göteborg to rape a girl in Jönköping for the police to care. They had his name all the time but didnt do anything. They dont think its so important to help the girls from robbery & other crimes
          @Stroke survivor
          • Well, the Police don't care, partially because escorts don't pay taxes. And we all know what taxes go to (ehem, lazy f*** cops that do diddly squat anyway)...but that's beside the point.
        • TA (@ta) · · · DonCurate (#147085)
          Then you don't understand Sweden at all my friend. The Police isn't here to protect it's citizens. It's here to protect the government/society that employs the body (i.e the Police). The government don't give 2 shits about you, nor will they ever.
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