Larisa 21 Fake advertisment

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Fake advertisment, she did not want to meet because of my age (20) she said i was to young for her but when you check her profile it does not say anything about how old you need to be to meet her. I also think that my nationality had factor for her not meeting me. she asked what nationality i am from and because of me coming from a country where the people are black she said no. Cause why would you ask about nationality if you didnt care about the person colour of skin. I mean it is ok if she these requirments in her profile but she didnt. This is to Larisa pls change your profile to no Young men and no blacks. Thanks in advance.

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  • Skojar du? Hennes val vilka hon vill träffa och inte träffa
    @Removed user
    • Chepe (@chepe) · · · Removed user (#145821)
      [ removed comment]
      • Fick samma fråga av henne, hennes val igen om vad hon skriver i sin profil
        @Removed user
        • Chepe (@chepe) · · · Removed user (#145823)
          Lyssna jag förstår det du säger men om man inte vill träffa vissa människor så kan hon väl skriva det i hennes profil så att man inte slösar tid eller ger flaska förhoppningar. När jag gick in i hennes profil så visste jag inte att hon hade dessa krav men vilket gav mig flask förhoppning och när jag väl skriver så tar hon inte emot pågrund av min nationalitet och ålder. Allt detta kunde ha unvikets om bara skrev hennes krav som vissa andra tjejer gör. (Råkade ta bort förra kommentaren)
          • Och nu fick du veta det när du väl kontaktade henne.. inte mer med det
            @Removed user
            • Chepe (@chepe) · · · Removed user (#145825)
              Så ska alla ”unga men” (är 20 år btw) behöva kontakta henne för att få veta detta. Ahaha du är mytoman, kollade på dina senaste kommentar där man klart o tydlig se hur less du var på Camilla för hon skrev service som hon utförde alltså fake advertisment och här sitter du klanger ner på mig för att jag klagar på tjej som också gör fake advertisment. But you know what bryr mig inte äns längre, there is plenty of fishes in the sea hade så bra slumpis
          • TA (@ta) · · · Chepe (#145824)
            Sant. Är faktiskt på Chepes sida här. Skriv ut, så slipper båda parter ödsla tid.
  • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · (#0)
    Turn to konsumentombudsmannen & complain. Its completely up to the girls who they decide to meet, Nothing fake about that. Their job is hard enough without meeting clients they dont feel comfortable with. Or maybe try diskriminineringsombudsmannen..
    @Stroke survivor
    • I dont know why you guys are talking about choice. This is not about choice this is about fake advertising. I couldnt careless if she doesnt want to meet certain people. But what i care about is her giving people false hope about meeting her then you get in contact with her she rejects you. This guy slumpis also reponded with ”it is her choice”. But when i checked his last comments he was bashing a girl called Camilla about her advertising fake services. Wouldnt it be much better if she just wrote those requiments in her profile so this situation could have been avoided
      • DonCurate (@curate) · Spectator · · Chepe (#145828)
        You are angry because someone did not want to meet with you, and try to support a week explanation to define what does fake profile mean. It's childish, sorry. There are bunch of advertiser meeting with young guys like you. Don't stick in one ("bad") experience.
      • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · Chepe (#145828)
        A good advice....if something like this ever happens again keep it to yourself,because no matter if you have a good,mediocre or a bad argument you will be heavily criticized especially on this page in my experience i'm afraid, the majority here will not understand the basic fact of your me i know!
        Move on bro don't get stuck here, it's pointless trying to reason here.

        There are other sites,better sites (in my opinion) find those and create a profile with a picture and a good introduction,then women can see you right from the get-go then there is no misunderstanding!
        Take care:)
        • DonCurate (@curate) · Spectator · · Blackjoe (#145834)
          I respect how clever you are sharing a crystal clear explanation about why this site's community cruel and unscrupulous. By the way, do we know Larisa's story? Take care ;)
          • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · DonCurate (#145835)
            I wasn't talking to you..i was clearly stating Chepe. Did you get personally offended? If, please tell me why?
          • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · DonCurate (#145835)
            My comment has absolutely nothing to do with you Don....note i said ''My experience'' And i have not the slightest idé if you are in that majority or not!
            • DonCurate (@curate) · Spectator · · Blackjoe (#145838)
              "If you have a good,mediocre or a bad argument you will be heavily criticized especially on this page in my experience i'm afraid, the majority here will not understand the basic fact of your argument." This sentence is not representative, but insulting and demagogic without any example . Sorry, but you're wrong with your point regarding the majority.

              If we don't know Larisa's side, why we judge each other anyway?!
              • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · DonCurate (#145839)
                Representative to who....YOU?
                • DonCurate (@curate) · Spectator · · Blackjoe (#145840)
                  For everyone here
                  • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · DonCurate (#145841)
                    For everyone here! Now your making a statement that i don't think you can back up.....really EVERYONE? In my comment i didn't include EVERYONE here! And as i explained on my previous comment about the majority.... i ...could.... be.... wrong!
                • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · Blackjoe (#145840)
                  You did take it you know what it means when someones is talking about an experience? You know they are talking in past pretense right? Why do you get so offended...why is this such a insult to you? Are denying that i had these experiences? (but i admit i could be wrong about the majority of people)
                  But dude, what's your problem?
                  • DonCurate (@curate) · Spectator · · Blackjoe (#145842)
                    I must switch perspective and ask (back) what is your problem? Are you same with Chepe? Sorry buddy , but you have strange behaving. Starting from Chepe who says Larisa fake because she did not add detailed intro describe. come on buddy ..., this is not a f*ng CV. If somebody wants something from someone, just throw a message, ask, and arrange the meeting. If you get rejected search someone else. This is not a mall where you can take everything u want. That is all. I'm sick to read sort of crying that this guy painted on the wall. Then you've just show up talking about your experiences inviting Chepe to leave this site. Why? : ",because no matter if you have a good,mediocre or a bad argument you will be heavily criticized especially on this page " Uphill and conflict maker chatter.
                    • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · DonCurate (#145845)
                      First of all i like to ad that the last sentences you wrote,you forgot to my experience.
                      Don are you the one that settle all the roles around here of what you can write or not? If i choose to write a CV then im allowed to wright?
                      If i'm same with Chepe? i don't know what you mean you have to be more you mean if i agree with Chepe saying Larisa is fake because of the lacking information according to Chepe?.....wait for it wait for it....noooo Don i don't think she is fake,which is totally irrelevant to my first comment to Chepe.I didn't say Larisa did something wrong... i didn't even mention her Don.
                      Strange behavior....well i have to say, i'm honored when that statement comes from you!
                      • DonCurate (@curate) · Spectator · · Blackjoe (#145846)
                        Ok, I'm gonna be more specific. Did you encourage Chepe to leave this site with the reason of lack understanding from the majority users. Yes, or no ?
                        • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · DonCurate (#145848)
                          No i didn't encourage him to leave the site,i just recommended another site for less misunderstandings. Most of the time misunderstandings can be avoided easily. That's way i said '' write a good introduction etc. The lack of understanding from the majority(or some) of the users commenting your comment is not an issue...guess what he can just stop writing comments. That's not what i meant or in anyway a good reason to leave this site. I don't think his arguments here (on the forums) will be taking seriously, wright or's waste of time writing here ''in my experience'' That's why i told him, keep it to yourself.
                          Still yet i'm having a conversation with you right now(you can judge me on that)
                          But in someway i feel this is a productive talk.
                          • DonCurate (@curate) · Spectator · · Blackjoe (#145851)
                            I'm not in a position to judge you, because we don't know each other and such a few words we interchanged are not enough for judging anybody. All conversation could be productive. It's just a matter of perspective. :) I think, I misunderstood you a bit, caused missing cohesion or logical pitfalls in the thread. It doesn't mean you are not able to express yourself, the source of problem could arise from my side. Best wishes, Don.
                            • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · DonCurate (#145852)
                              No don't beat yourself up,it takes 2 to tango. Maybe i wasn't cristal clear either with my arguments. Yes i agree all conversations could be productive if both parts can have a normal discussion and reflect things(like in our case) and acknowledge that people have different opinions or whatever without throwing a bottle. But unfortunately conversations like this doesn't happen often! Cool, best wishes to you:)
        • TA (@ta) · · · Blackjoe (#145834)
          On your side on this one bro. And I'm white! Write out the people you don't want to see, so no party wastes their time. Simple :) Reasoning with socialistic Swedes is pointless haha. Same is getting them to speak up in public. Sorry to say, most are just keyboard warriors. I'll leave you with this...let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.
          • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · TA (#146698)
            Hey bro:)
            I like your last statement,tho im not a biblical follower or religious in anyway!

            Yeah people can have different kind of preference,which is not an issue,whatever the underlying cause is. I think that what people are forgetting is the human nature!
            I think one point is about understanding human nature, rejection triggers certain emotions in us,most of us felt it...whether it's a job you didn't get, love isn't reciprocated,your spouse is leaving,a punter rejecting someone up on meeting,these things can hurt! So i partially understand chepes argument.And his argument can be avoided easily on a platform like this.....feel me?!:)
            • TA (@ta) · · · Blackjoe (#146741)
              Yeah man. the funny thing is, most Swedish people are sheep. Do you care what sheep thinks of you? Do you care what your dog or cat thinks of you when they look at you? Do you feel rejected by your dog when he doesn't come when you whistle? His reaction is the exact same as mine would have been. Don't waste my time. If you don't like something or have a preference, write it in the ad so "I" don't waste my time contacting you.
      • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · Chepe (#145828)
        Well, thats the way things are. Accept it or change hobby.
        @Stroke survivor
      • Stroke survivor (@stroke-survivor) · Big natural tits lover · · Chepe (#145828)
        What a pathetic victim. The girls decide who they should meet & it has nothing to do with racism, but their own safety.
        @Stroke survivor
      • ★✿*Larisa.*•✿★ (@-✿-larisa-•✿-) · · · Chepe (#145828)
        I have very clear in my profile saying that I only meet Nordic people, it’s my choice and I can choose who I’ll have sex with.It’s not everything about money guys
  • patrik (@patrik) · · · (#0)
    You behave like a victim Chepe. People in your age who got a background from some special countries its a big no no for many escorts. This is not about a fake ad. Its just that many ladies have bad experience of this category and non gready ladies always put protection and safety in the front room. And that can never be wrong.
    Of course a lot of people from this category are good and friendly people as well as there are good and bad swedes. But for sure no middle age (50 up) swede will rob, steal or rape a lady. So the escorts rather choose this kind of men I think. I dont say you have to accept the circumstances but try to understand the escort from her point of view.
  • Mats82 (@mats82) · · · (#0)
    Vilken jävla fet looser den hör snubben är, hon har väl för fan ingen skyldighet att knulla med dig?
  • endel frågar vart du är ifrån och hur gammal du är då ska du säga du är från gambia och har en enorm snopp nä . men det e väll inget om hon säger nej ja ha vad ska du göra åt det lägg på luren inget du kan göra om hon säger nej
    @removed user
  • Emily (@michelle) · · · (#0)
    name of theme its totally bullshit!!! cmon!!!
  • MrTickle (@mrtickle) · Foot lover with a tickle fetish · · (#0)
    Inte direkt överraskad. Förvisso kan man ju tycka att det kanske borde vara lite tydligare info kring vissa saker över lag. Men alla som varit med ens ett kort tag vet att vissa nationaliteter ofta inte brukar vara välkomna. Dels av tjejernas preferenser. Men också för att en överväldigande del av överfall, rån och hot kommer just från vissa länder/kulturer. Bara att gilla läget eller gå till konsumentombudsmannen ;)
  • Kaaarl (@kaaarl) · lovegirlsass · · (#0)
    Theres a reason why the girls dont want to meat black people, indian people and arabs.
    They are bad, behave badly dont shower and dont want to pay.

    • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · Kaaarl (#146381)
      Well that's a argument from ignorance fallacy dude,if you even know what that means...which i doubt. You don't just get to say that certain groups of people (ALL of them) behave bad,doesn't shower etc. You totally have been exposed to a syllogism, your reasoning is totally,utterly and ignorantly flawed.
      • Kaaarl (@kaaarl) · lovegirlsass · · Blackjoe (#146404)
        Theres no other explanation to the fact that the girls avoid blacks arabs and indians.
        they simply cannot behave.
        • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · Kaaarl (#146409)
          Another argument from ignorance fallacy,now you literally said...there is no other explanation. Do you know what a fallacy is? Do you care about sound arguments logic and reason? If you don't, i'm afraid that any argument you present will not be taken seriously!
          • Kaaarl (@kaaarl) · lovegirlsass · · Blackjoe (#146411)
            Im sorry , its not my fault. Just reed every girls profile.
            In 9 of 10 says i dont meet arabs and black people .
            why do you think its like that ?
            you are more then welcome to cal me whatever , lack of logic etc etc ,
            It just proves that girls dont want to hook up with bad smelly greedy people.
            and your mistaken if you think its because of your skin collour .
            If swedes were like that , the girls would refuse them to .
            • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · Kaaarl (#148610)
              I'm not calling you whatever.....oh my that comment just shows the lack of your understanding.......i said your reasoning and the lack of avoiding logical fallacies is totally polluted. If you don't begin with the basic foundation of logic to avoid logical fallacies,we won't get anywhere,is pointless to reason with someone that ignores logical fallacies on any subject!
              • Kaaarl (@kaaarl) · lovegirlsass · · Blackjoe (#148619)
                Still not explaining to me , the only thing you do is hamering me and call me non logic etc etc. so Wold you be so kind and and start explaining the fact insted , otherwise you totaly loose all respect.
                We all know that this group of people comes from far away countries, countries that treat women werry bad, they are simply not tought to treat a woman with the respect she deserves.
                we know that, you know it to but you refuse to agree becaus you are a coward that dip your head in the sand.
                • Blackjoe (@blackjake) · Dark,chocolate women! · · Kaaarl (#148621)
                  There is something you've got to understand,and i'm going to be very specific now...

                  Do you know that a logical fallacious argument can not be demonstrated to be correct? And that is what a fallacy is!
                  • Kaaarl (@kaaarl) · lovegirlsass · · Blackjoe (#148640)
                    why do you even mention the word; argument. this is not a argument ?
                    Its the fact, the majority of the girls prefer not to meet bad people
                    because of bad experiences. The guys from mitle east and North of africa is overrepresented in bad behavior. All of the girls want the clients to call, so that they can hear the voice, to avoid meeting this guys, simply .
            • banned user (@wazaka-xd) · · · Kaaarl (#148610)
              i whant to suck of an baboon watch many porn movies
              @banned user
    • Show respect get respect but it May be dificult to take this serious because its like an advertise on work to get monney not ewery one whant to meet ewery one its like that
      @removed user
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