Ingrid♡♡♡ · 3 Svar ·

Hello . I’m looking for a professional photographer to make me some photos . If you are interested, please contact me to speak about the details.

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  • Midomiko · Energy and creativity · · (#0)
    If you have access to a good location, I can produce high quality professional photos. Let me know if you are still searching.
  • Ankaret (@ankaret) · Spinner lover · · (#0)
    Getting help by a professional photographer is difficult, very few are willing to take the risk since by swedish law it's considered pimping if the pictures are used to promote prostitution.
    • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · Ankaret (#143774)
      [citation needed], please.
      Surely, no more than a plumber would be considered a pimp for fixing her plumbing?
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