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The benefit of the escort trade on the sex worker

Brady · 2021-04-30 · 0 · 0

As the escort industry has completely transformed the sex business as a whole, it is worth examining how the benefits of escort-type prostitution can motivate sex workers.ProfitabilityCompared to other professional occupations, skilled sex work is one of the most promising in terms of earning potent...

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Possible localization of the implementation of sexual escort services

Brady · 2021-04-22 · 0 · 0

The localization of escort meetings where sexual escort services take place can be classified as follows. If the client’s sexual needs are served at the escort’s own place, we call it incall escort service, but if the escort travels to her client’s home, house or other external location, then ...

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Classification of escort services

Brady · 2021-04-18 · 0 · 0

There are basically two types of escort service: one is sexual, the other is non-sexual service, but it often occurs that the two services are both used at the same time. Let's see the first type the non-sexual escort servicesEscort services that do not necessarily include sexual intercourseNon-sexu...

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Classification of sex-buyers

Brady · 2021-04-14 · 0 · 0

Following the typology of sex/escort service providers and pimps, it is practical to talk about that use sexual services, trying to classify them. The classification of sex-buyers is based on the experiences of sex workers/escorts.Power clientA socially strong type of sex client with a high degree o...

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Classification of pimps based on their business success

Brady · 2021-04-12 · 0 · 0

According to another sort of classification, there are also three main types of pimps. The basis for classification is the success of the pimps, that is, how profitable their sex business is.Popcorn pimpsIt is the least successful type of pimp. Usually he sells teenage prostitutes with troubled fami...

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Classification of pimps according to the place of hustling

Brady · 2021-04-06 · 0 · 0

The place where pimps prostitute women is the next classification criterion, according to which we can differentiate many types of pimps.The street pimpsThe street pimp is a slowly outdated category in Western Europe where street prostitution has declined dramatically due to the new Scandinavian typ...

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Types of pimps according to their target groups and their methods

Brady · 2021-03-23 · 0 · 0

There are various typological aspects of distinguishing pimps in the literature. The basis for typologization is, on the one hand, the method how pimps get their victims and then force them to sell sexual services, and, on the other hand, what kind of target group they prefer to work on. The next as...

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Categorization of escorts

Brady · 2021-03-13 · 0 · 0

Sexual providers, adult entertainers or escort prostitutes can be classified according to several criteria. The most typical classifications are:Categorization of escorts according to their gender identityGender identity is a very important aspect in categorizing escorts, because there are not only ...

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The disadvantages of escort prostitution for the escort and sexbuyer

Brady · 2021-03-03 · 0 · 0

Based on the previous chapters, escort prostitution rather has more advantages than disadvantages, but the potential disadvantages must be taken into account for the sake of balanced discussion.Visual manipulationAs it has already been mentioned, modern technology offers sex-selling escorts many opp...

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The advantages of escort-prostitution for the escort and sex-buyer

Brady · 2021-02-20 · 0 · 0

In contrast with street prostitution, escort prostitution has several advantages for both the client and sex worker for the below discussed reasons. The safetyRegarding the place of sex work, it is logical to see that sex providers can ask for a higher price for each sexual service, as it takes...

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