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Is every escort an inborn escort or it is just a certain stratum of the professionals?

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Can a street walker prostitute become a natural escort or can she feel she is just the victim of circumstances?I would like to use again the previously established statement that not all prostitutes are escort, but all escorts are prostitute. With this statement I wanted to highlight that there is a huge difference between escort and good escort. Escort can be almost anyone who is able to have sex. However, to become a really good escort is not possible for everyone. It is true in escort profession that it is not absolutely necessary to progress through every level of the profession to become a good escort. It may also be that there are women who have the qualities that professional escorts have, but these women do not work as escorts. Their life simply goes on a different way, giving them the opportunity to pursue some other occupation. However, in many cases, escorts will simply become entangled in escort profession without conscious...

The media advertisements and the sex

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Sexuality is the most powerful motivator of external force that has ever been and always will be present at all eras and layers of human society in different forms and different intensities. However, today thanks to commercials exploiting the power of sexuality and modern communication technologies in the globalising societies the phenomenon is becoming more widespread and more and more public, with sexuality represented almost in everything from cartoons to detergent ads, indirectly or directly, depending on what age the program is designed for, let it be an advertisement or a newspaper article, etc. Direct sexuality means explicit or overt sexual allusions such as a phallus-shaped ice cream being licked by a woman's pink tongue, while the indirect or hidden sexuality is shown through symbols, of which the most typical form, of course, the phallic symbol, such as in the Disney tales penis-shaped tower where the beautiful princess is locked. source:...

Who are escorts?

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What do Escorts provide?Escorts are prostitutes who primarily sell their time, and within this time phase a wide range of sexual services are available, but at the same time, it is not just about sexuality. We've already been discussing what makes a prostitute become an escort. The assumption that escort service has higher quality is valid. Escorts usually advertise themselves marking their hourly rates and what are their preferred sexual activities, skills (OWO, CIM, GFE, PSE, ANAL, BDSM, CIF, CIB, COM, COL, deep throat, breast sex, caress, strap-on & anal stretching, striptease, swallowing, testicle-dick torture, penis massage, etc.) that they can serve the client with. But it is not obligatory, and it is not at all certain that the escort client meeting will end up in sex, which is why there is a strong emphasis on selling their time and not specifically on sexual service. But if reciprocal sympathy allows escort meeting to lead...

Does it matter if there is no devotion in sex service and it is felt that escort forces herself to do escort service?

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 Is it disturbing and revealing?  In the case when an escort has taken the profession not out of her own will, then she is probably not likely to show such devotion and commitment to sex work as other escorts who do escort profession on their own will, at least in the beginning of their career. The fact that someone is just drifted into the escort profession or consciously chooses the career will not necessarily affect the attitude of the escort to work in the long run. Suppose that those escort who only have been forced into a situation where they have to cover housing and other expenses by doing sex work, as time progresses, they will realize that this work actually can be done well. And if the work is performed well, a lot of money can be earned, and if they occasionally earn more money, they do not have to work so much. So the initial attitude that they have to do sex work may turn into a consciously devoted working attitude....

To what extent does a born-to-be escort have to exceed her joy-ceiling in order to fully satisfy sex clients?

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How important is subordination?A good escort knows what her sex client wants, even if he does not talk about it. That's why he goes to visit an escort, that is, not to have to explain things unnecessarily, just to do and enjoy it. Of course, surprises may occur during the first escort meeting. The profession itself also involves escorting and sexually servicing men with unimaginable perversions. If she wants to be successful with sex clients and expects to spread her good reputation, she also has to expect that the higher her willingness to do different sexual services, the wider is the range of clients who might turn up. In the course of her career, the question must arise in the escort whether how long it is worth doing the job, where is the limit of her comfort zone beyond which she has to satisfy sex clients? When does it become self-surrender? Some people think that escort profession goes together with it. Unknown men attend escort...

How does the look influence the attitude of escorts?

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What can make a beautiful woman repulsive and an ugly woman attractive? A nice escort tends to be choosy, so there is less chance for her to grow clientele, while if a less beautiful but erotic escort with guts is more open, her good reputation can spread more easily.Escorts with attractive and impressive look - and they are aware of it - have a higher chance of feeling in the saddle than their escort counterparts with less aesthetic appearance, due to which they have to do their best to obtain a sex client. This in itself indicates to us that there is a perceptible difference in the attitude of nice escorts and the less beautiful ones. Why? Perhaps because escorts whom men die for because of their pretty face and well-shaped body, that is to say, their innate genetic qualities make them think that as any sex client is already won by the beautiful look therefore no effort is necessary to be made to carry out a quality escort service during...

Is there a chance to be an escort without good look?

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If so, what can override the look? For example, good technique of blowjob, being feisty, low prices, wide range of favourites, good acting skills, erotic aura etc.Just as in real life either, I would not consider the look of escort as predominant. Of course, beautiful look is impressive, but it is less impressive when combined with an unbearable personality. Think about how many times we've run into a woman or a man whom we judged by the look to be an ideal pair, and then, after the first couple of words exchanged we have lost all our desire due to the disappointment and we soon forgot even the existence of the object of our former desire. This is, of course, an extreme example, but it illustrates well the basic assumption.What's needed beside the look is probably the radiant aura of personality that usually makes a person attractive. Defining what makes an escort - but usually a person - attractive, is quite elusive, since it is mostly...

What if the love of sex is not accompanied with acting?

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Is it possible to get on without it as a born escort in the profession?Suppose there was an escort girl who loves to have sex - she doesn't even know why, whether because of the sex act itself or the lack of self-confidence - as she uses sex to gain self-affirmation - but she is shy and prude in bed. These two personality qualities are not likely to be beneficial in the escort profession, as she meets with new and new sex-clients every day, before whom she will need to strip off her inhibitions to perform well in satisfying sexual desires. After all, the client is most likely not to be reserved or a restrained person regarding his sexual desires, so he won’t just get over the sexual act, but on the contrary, he will need lot of experience given by the escort - and here I would refer to the differences between sex and good sex, as well as the difference between escort and good escort, which differences can be rather significant. In this...

Is the love of having sex enough for anyone to become a good escort?

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Are there escorts who only choose the profession because they like having sex? Do nymphomaniacs want to be professional escorts at all?Earlier we have talked about what kind of personality is needed to be able to become a good escort. It is too complex to say unequivocally that the main requirement of the escort trade is only the love of sex - given the fact that many escort girls are only victims of circumstances, being drifted into the situation where they are forced to provide sexual services for money. They are involved in the escort profession not because of the pleasure of sex. There are some who have started doing escort services out of their own will, because they have realized the hopelessness of their (financial) situation, but, to tell the truth, they are not really into sex. There also must be some exceptions when someone loves having sex and she is an escort as well, but the two do not go hand in hand. There are a lot of...

If it develops later, then what external effects can it cause to be an escort?

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What can lead to the event that someone becomes an escort? Is it social or financial status? Why does someone choose this profession? (for example, bad parental relationship, domestic violence, shame) Is it fashionable to be an escort? We can often see or hear about girls who are lifted out of misery called the birthplace with the promise of better life, and then they are made to work as an escort - or as any other sexual service provider - in another country. It is a fact that financial difficulty and hopelessness can easily encourage these girls to make their living as a prostitute, especially in a place where there is no other job opportunity. Considering the fact that these girls lifted from poverty do not get high, but maybe even basic education, and they would not be able to break out of their hopeless situation with their own strength, so these girls hearing that they could create better earning opportunities and living standards,...

What qualities does someone have to have to become an escort?

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Is it already destined at birth or later? If so, where does it come from? Can it be inherited? For example, were there similar tendencies in the family, such as adulteresses or escorts?The woman has the innate characteristic that makes her receptive, and without which there would not have sexual intercourse between man and woman. This feature is without which a man could not satisfy his instinctively stronger biological function. Over time, woman has learned to take advantage of this, thus an escort makes benefit of this advantage gained by birth when offering her meeting time in exchange for money. But what causes that someone eventually becomes a professional escort? If we already have inherent attributes at birth that may be beneficial in different professions, what are the qualities to be born with to become a good escort? For example, pleasure in sex, polygamous attitude, hedonism or laziness for manual or intellectual work? In fact,...

What’s the difference between a prostitute and an escort? Are they just synonyms or is there any differentiation in their defini

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First of all, let's make it clear that from a business point of view both a prostitute and an escort have the same reference; they are both sex workers. A prostitute intentionally and professionally abuses herself and her female peculiarities in order to sell sex. Without any particular effort by the male part (e.g. courtship), he has an immediate access to biological sexual satisfaction. Although the implication of the two professions is very similar, yet the question arises as to what makes the two subtle meanings behind the word prostitute and escort so different that their use sometimes requires the strict distinction between the two terms. In this case, the context and message orientation are strongly directive. The context requires a delicate and diplomatic way of expression on the one side, while on the other side, it is the communication style that does not make much difference when selling sex. It is the orientation that depends on...

Your holes belong to me. Open them wide for my strapon!

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Today I played with a virgin- 21 years old feminine boy with a slim hairless body. He was very shy when he arrived. I told him to get undressed and stand in front of me. He was covering his pubic area with hands. I ordered him to put his hands behind his back and I saw a tiny pink cock that was already hard as a rock. I took out from the wardrobe a sexy black lingerie- a thong, bra, garter belt and stockings. His face turned red when I told him to wear it. Then I put a blond wig on his head and a red lipstick on his puffy lips. My black strapon was already on and the boy was staring at it. I pointed him to kneel and lick my cock. His tongue and lips were sliding around my dick and it made me horny. I entered his mouth and started to fuck it, the bitch was moaning and salivating from excitement. I was holding his head and pushing it deeper in his throat till he couldn't take it anymore. If you want to know what happened next, come for a session...

The advantages and drawbacks of escort reviews

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It is surely to be regarded as an advantage that rating and commenting the service has a positive effect on the clientele. Customers will be informed about the possible dangers and traps and it also gives escorts the opportunity to change something in their attitude or the way they treat clients to promote sex-business. Not all of them, but I think there are some who do not mind bad reviews as they can learn from their mistakes. Every client’s demand cannot be satisfied but escorts should strive for doing their best. I have not talked much about clients so far but it is to be mentioned that if we have talked about problematic escorts, let's talk about problematic customers as well. Yes, there is a kind of customer for whom nothing is good, whose requirement cannot ever met by any escort. These customers are likely to give negative reviews. A very important thing cannot be left unmentioned. Sociology has developed a method in...

Escort girls receiving bad reviews

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As I told you I am discussing only extremities (escorts receiving good and bad reviews) so now let’s see those escort girls who have negative feedbacks from clients. Bad reviews can explain a lot of things, unequivocally predicting that there is something wrong with the escort. However, she keeps working, but due to negative reviews, she is going to have fewer and fewer clients, thus being forced to lower the service prices, resulting in a changed clientele who are not so gentleman that she would like them to be, who would rather visit escorts with good reviews. Furthermore, the reduced prices will just worsen the situation because her attitude certainly will not be better than the one she had when she was working with higher prices. A perfectly functioning chain reaction can be felt here, which clearly shows the difference between the escort types. What are the escorts like who receive slightly or considerably bad reviews? In order...


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Du vill komma.Du mĂ„ste komma ... hĂ„rt!Jag kĂ„tar upp dig och avbryter din orgasm, om och om.Jag Ă€r drottning av tease , och jag har full kontroll.Stockholm DominaANSÖ

Fullbokad vecka 19, ansök om session för vecka 20

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Älskare och slavar!NĂ€sta vecka Ă€r nĂ€stan fullbokad.Ansök om session i Stockholm för vecka 20.pussTease & Denial Gudinnalanasilverberg.comStockholm Domina


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Idag hade jag utvecklingssamtal med an av mina anstÀllda. Mr K Àr en av vÄra gamla konsulter dock har han inte gjort sÄ bra ifrÄn sig senast. Dels sÄ missade han ett viktigt möte, dels sÄ flörtade han med en av vÄra nya praktikanter. Inte ok. Det enda som Àr bra med honom Àr att han Àr snygg och het. Men han Àr inte den enda, det finns fler som vill jobba för mig. Min plan var att fÄ honom sÀga upp sig frivilligt eller utnyttja honom pÄ nÄgot sÀtt. Vi började prata och han erkÀnde sina misstag dock hettade det till under förhandlingarna och jag blev tÀnd pÄ hans hjÀlplösa och kÄta blick. Nu var Mr K helt i min makt. Jag satte mig pÄ bordet och sÀrade pÄ benen, tog tag i hans hÄr och drog hans huvud mellan mina lÄr, han fick bara dofta. Han fick ett utlimatum, hans uppgift var att fÄ mig att komma, annars skulle han inte fÄ vara kvar hos mig...

TrÀning för slynor: strap-on

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Sprid dina skinkor, slampa! Jag kommer att knulla dig djupt och hÄrt medan du stönar. Du Àr min slyna, min sex leksak som ska utnyttjas, och jag tar vad jag vill ha.

TrÀning för mina slynor

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Mina Louboutinis behöver bli slickade rent, lilla slyna. Jag kommer att trĂ€nga in i din patetiska, slampiga lilla mun och ta dig djupt i halsen.

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