19.-What kind of requests do escorts meet? – Fetsihes, perversions

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If we approach this question from sex customers’ point of view, we'll immediately reveal a secret: some clients visit escort girls, escort boys, shemale escorts, TS escorts, and TV shows because they have some sort of fetish, aberration, perversion, which they cannot satisfy in a traditional relationship.

To take an example: it's hard to find a partner for a man who gets excited by being penetrated with a strap-on dildo worn by a woman in a doggy style, who’ll force him to do a blowjob to the same dildo, giving it a deep throat. This isn’t the best thing to do at the beginning of a relationship, is it? We cannot think how many perverted and sexually aberrant people live around us. According to some research, every second person has some kind of fetish or perversion that secretly turns them on. Statistics also shows that only one out of 10 people talks about or practices his or her perversions and aberrations in their relationship. So, we are talking about a case that is really problematic thus has to be dealt with, as in the long run, suppression of secret desires may lead to serious mental illnesses.

And it is how escort girls join the story, who are able to satisfy those sex customers to the extent of their favourite sexual services who have some kind of fetish, perversion, and aberration. So, when the escortmeeting has taken place and there is a mutual sympathy between the escort and client, both parties are ready to go into kinky games.

Among the fetishes (sexual fetishism) the most common ones are: foot fetish, buttocks, belly, navel fetish, strip-tease, and breast fetish when a customer turns on by kissing and touching big breasts. Speaking of sexual fetishes it has to be mentioned that it is not a shame if someone has some typical sexual fetishes, as it can easily be practiced in a relationship, if the partner is open enough.

Let's look at those sexual fetishes that are not easy to accept in a relationship, so satisfying them is left to escorts. These fethises are, for instance, latex fetish, bonding fetish (BDSM), transvestitism, lolita roleplay, masked fetishes etc.

Sexual perversions and sexual aberrations also have a central role in the escort profession. For example, escort dominatrixes have an important place in the industry, as many clients have the desire to be humiliated, beaten up, and abused by an escort dominatrix who makes him perform different perverse acts. Escort dominatrixes are frequently requested to tie up and anally penetrate customers. Such extreme games are trampling, whipping, hard punching. Usually, an escort dominatrix marks on her online profile whether she likes hard or soft domina game. Hard dominance is a rarity, as well as an escort being a subordinate in a domina game.

There are such extreme perversions and aberrations that are just rarely undertaken by escorts, such as defecation fetish, when a client turns on by being defecated on the chest or into the mouth. Games with urination are more popular, and it is usually taken onto the chest, head, and legs or into the mouth. Besides, it would be difficult even to list what sort of extreme performances may be requested from escorts (diapering, rape etc.)

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