Where everything is forbidden

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In those countries, where prostitution or escort business are prohibited, order is maintained by strict laws, and crimes are answered with even stricter punishments. The most severe punishments are handed out in North Korea, Sudan, Iran and Saud Arabia; here the prostitute or escort AND the client can equally be given **death sentence** if caught in the act. In the majority of Africa – apart from a few examples – prostitution and escorting are also illegal, but masses living in poverty has led to the black prostitution flourishing (in places heavily affected by the civil war sexual services are paid for with food and drinking water instead of money), and unfortunately these are the regions where the number of HIV infections is the highest (especially endangered are the lorry drivers who can spread the vires caught from prostitutes along their transit routes). In Asia the situation is the same, prostitution is illegal everywhere apart from a handful of countries, but still there are places where children prostitution and human trafficking are huge issues, like for instance in Burma, Cambodia, China and even in countries that have not banned prostitution, like in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Macao. The European market is somewhat more relaxed, many countries allow some forms of prostitution, but rules are still in place. The biggest issue here is again, human trafficking and protecting the young ones. In Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Russia, Serbia and the Vatican prostitution is strictly illegal, in Bulgaria it is not even mentioned in the law. In North America the rules differ by countries, but even in the US there are no federal regulations in place regarding prostitution; despite this in every state it is illegal to buy or sell sexual services, except for 12 counties in Nevada State. In other smaller countries of the continent prostitution remains illegal, the laws of Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Greenland, and Puerto Rico prohibit any form of prostitution. The “land of plenty” can be in South America for those who are interested in the widest range of sexual services that money - legally or illegally - can buy, because - apart from Guyana – prostitution is legal everywhere, and because of this HIV infections spread the quickest in this region, and Brazil and Paraguay are still breeding grounds for human trafficking and prostitution of children. The countries listed here have two things in common: first is, that every form of prostitution is a crime and punishable, the second is, that no one cares, business goes on anyway, and thanks to the high rate of corruption sometimes even organized and controlled with the consent of local authorities.

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