PSE(pornstar experience)

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![]( **PSE is the name of the service on escorts’ list of favourites when an escort renders such a professional and hard core sexual service that the client feels as though he had sex with a porn star. As it is strictly about sexual experience, PSE or porn star experience can be requested only if mutual sympathy has developed between the escort and client during escort meeting.  ** ![]( The definition of PSE, porn star experience, refers to a significant distinction between escorts who offer PSE and who do not. Namely, escorts providing PSE experience either were porn stars or still work in porn industry, and doing escort services is a good marginal income for them. ![]( Surely it is obvious that those sex-workers will be successful in the escort industry who have gained fame in the field of porn. Besides, it is also important that escorts offering PSE are mostly female escorts. Of course, we cannot rule out that there are some porn actor men who can give the porn star experience for female clients, but I think their number is insignificant. ![]( PSE is a special service that requires escorts with great sexual experience and extensive list of favourite sexual services. Therefore escorts offering PSE, porn star experience, work on a higher escort price than other escorts. So if a client wants to buy escort’s time that is specialized in PSE, it is likely that he will have to dig deep into their pocket. It will pay off manifold since if mutual attraction between the escort and the client has developed the client is going to have such a sexual experience that every man dream of. And remember, PSE is a complex sexual service that **MAY** include many sexual acts (anal sex, deep-throat, cum on face, semen swallowing, and a variety of acrobatic poses, loud moans etc. BY USING CONDOM), which are typical in a porn movies ![](

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