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![](https://statix.sex-tjejer.com/pix/8/3/6/resize-0-0-0/500/300/8362f4f0060382cd95a8569f48ce4df8.jpg) **Duo, stemming from the word dual, basically means two escorts spending their time together with the client at the same time and after mutual attraction has developed at the escort meeting they satisfy the client’s sexual needs in pair. ** ![](https://statix.sex-tjejer.com/pix/4/3/e/resize-0-0-0/500/300/43ec6a85cfc10558fde00645a3f5cb93.jpg) By purchasing DUO clients have the opportunity to choose various escorts according to personal needs, perverse tendencies and sexual orientation (homosexual, heterosexual). For example, if a client fantasizes about having sex with a female and a gay male escort at the same time, he can do it, it depends just on his financial capacity, provided that he finds escorts whose service list include DUO and the selected escorts are willing to work together. If this is not possible, and the client cannot find the escorts who would be willing to cooperate, he still can find the escorts who advertise themselves in duo, with their boyfriend or girlfriend. ![](https://statix.sex-tjejer.com/pix/7/9/0/resize-0-0-0/500/300/790376303ec55b245ebb03ab42f6175f.jpg) The DUO at the customer's Arithmetic need to get two escorts have to buy time, so the price will be considerably higher escort as a date, that is, the escort is meeting the costs that must be covered by the client. ![](https://statix.sex-tjejer.com/pix/5/9/e/resize-0-0-0/500/300/59e99dba9c91614154d2a7d2d25a682a.jpg) When purchasing duo clients are advised to be aware of the fact that they have to buy two escorts’ time therefore the escort price is going to be a lot higher, as well as the expenses of the escort meeting (e.g. dinner). ![](https://statix.sex-tjejer.com/pix/3/f/a/resize-0-0-0/500/300/3fa22c512dfc501979e9c921ac31a3a2.jpg) After getting attuned to each other the selected escorts who have gone to escort meeting will pamper and eventually satisfy the client in accordance with the request and what their favourite services are. Thus, when selecting escorts, clients should consider the escorts’ sexual orientation and the compatibility of their favourites. Organizing such an escort rendezvous takes longer time and requires more legwork, but the experience with two sex-workers is always more pleasurable.

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