4. Types of sins

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Types of sin can be categorized from a variety of points of view, of which religious believes, the severity and intensity of sin are the main type-setting criteria. According to the Christian view, it is sin when one knowingly and willingly does not obey the will of God in a serious matter, knowingly breaking the Ten Commandments, which directly lists the ten most important sins. Within the ten most important sins, according to the Jewish-Christian religion, there is also a distinction between the main categories of sins, which committed, the offender can surely expect the most severe punishment in the afterlife. The Ten Commandments and the deadly sins partly denote overlapping sins, but the other part of the sins defined by the Ten Commandments (for example, the prohibition of idolatry) seems obsolete in today's increasingly non-religious Western cultures, but the main sins and their sanctionability are still valid. On the other hand, crimes can be categorized as originating from character flaw and whether or not society sanctions that as crime. For example, adultery i.e. extramarital sexual intercourse, lust, multiple sexual intercourse is individual sin, which in modern society is not at all a major (social) sin, but religiously, in earlier ages it was a deadly sin. The vast majority of individual sins are in fact covered by what are also considered as sin by religion, although their judgment has changed considerably over time.

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